It is no secret that winter is the time to create your perfect bikini body. When the weather is cold and keeping you from your sunny beach days, you can prepare by eating right, getting fit, and digging deep to find that confidence to show off on the beach. We know that it may be challenging to determine where to start, so we are sharing 15 of our favorite tips so that you can get the (beach) ball rolling.

#1 Beat The Bloat

Doing your nutritional homework and understanding what makes you bloat and keeps you depuffed can help create the figure you want to show off in your bikini. Sticking to food high in omega-3 fats like fish and anti-inflammatory foods like asparagus will keep your tummy tight and trim. 

#2 Resistance Training

It’s normal to spend a ton of time on the treadmill at the gym, but working your muscles could have a more beneficial effect on your bikini body. Muscle training results in bigger muscles and bigger muscles burn more energy! Ladies need not worry about taking on a bulky look, and our bodies are conditioned to lean and tone our muscles when we engage them during workouts.

#3 Clean Up Your Diet

You don’t have to cut out all of the fun foods, but it is no secret that whole foods provide more nutrients and tend to leave us feeling more satisfied. Taking advantage of all the delicious fruits and vegetables will keep you fuller longer and make you feel healthier!

Add as much color to your meals as possible, keep your protein lean and clean, and make sure any grains you eat are whole wheat or whole grain. Eliminating processed foods from the majority of your diet will help you lose any unwanted weight and fuel your muscles during workouts!

#4 Visualize Your Perfect Bikini Body

Make a vision board, write down your goals, or spend a few minutes each day imagining your bikini body in a brand-new swimsuit. Keeping your goals at the forefront of your mind makes you more likely to apply the focus and hard work needed to achieve them. Accomplishing your goals begins with your mindset, and if you aren’t in the right frame of mind, it will be that much harder to get the bikini body you want.

#5 Cardiovascular Exercise Is Important

When looking to firm your physique and tone your muscles, it is easy to let cardiovascular activities fall to the wayside. However, a balanced and successful health and fitness program requires all types of exercise, cardio included. Swimming, running, cycling, boxing, and even dance workouts can get your blood pumping and your heart pulsing for a killer cardio workout!

#6 You Can’t Spot Reduce Your Abs

The tummy tends to be the area of a bikini body that gains the most attention – everybody wants those flat and defined abs. Countless crunches and an ungodly number of sit-ups are not going to create the six-pack you are dreaming of. If you are looking to slim your waist for the beach, focus on working on your entire core, getting an adequate amount of cardio, and reducing your overall caloric intake.

#7 Limit The Processed Junk

White foods like refined bread, sugars, and alcohol have a way of sticking to the body and causing unwanted bloat. Other processed carbs include pasta, pastries, and anything with high fructose corn syrup. We aren’t suggesting that you cut these foods out forever but cutting back a few weeks before your trip or beach day will leave you looking incredible!

#8 Scrub It Down and Wax It Off

Winter weather is usually not your skin’s best friend. Dry air and hot showers can be unkind to our skin. After the long and dry winter, it is essential to exfoliate your skin and give it a good scrub! Get rid of all of those dead skin cells to improve the feeling of your skin and make it easier to remove any unwanted hair.

If it is your preference, it is also a good idea to shave or get a wax as the time to put on your bikini approaches. You can’t forget to take care of your skin when getting your bikini body in tip-top shape.

#9 Hydrate!!

Drinking plenty of water has endless benefits. Staying hydrated helps your brain function properly, keeps your skin clear and smooth, and eliminates toxins in your body. Drinking water while trying to lose weight can help keep you feeling satisfied, which allows curve cravings.

#10 Cut Out The Alcohol

Nobody likes this tip, but alcohol is made almost entirely of sugar. Cutting out those extra drinks at dinner or that glass of wine after work may just be that final push you need to attain your bikini body.

#11 Make The Right Food Choices

Poor food choices not only lead to low energy and sluggishness, but they also lead to spikes and dips in your blood sugar, which contributes to cravings. When you choose healthier foods, you can eat more! Try to make choices that are as minimally processed as possible.

#12 Workout In The Morning

Of course, you can work out at any time during the day, and you will see results. However, early workouts are ideal. Pulling yourself out of bed may be a struggle initially, but there is no better way to kickstart your day and get in the right frame of mind.

#13 Balance Your Training

Common focus areas for improvement typically include arms, abs, and thighs – of course, there is also that booty. However, only focusing on a few key areas, rather than your entire body, can lead to an unbalanced posture. Make sure that you are working out all of your muscle groups to keep your physique proportionate.

#14 Don’t Skip Leg Day

We know – it’s usually the workout that keeps you from being able to climb a flight of stairs the day after, but your legs will thank you! Not only are you shredding your leg muscles and toning your bottom half, but you're also burning more calories! The muscles in your legs are some of the largest in your body, and bigger muscles require more energy during a workout, which means more calorie burn.

#15 Love You Bikini Body Just As It Is!

The perfect bikini body is your body in a Nobadaddiction bikini. We know that we all fall victim to wanting to look perfect, but honestly, the best accessory that you can pair with your bikini is self-love and self-confidence.

Don’t Forget…

Having the bikini body of your dreams is a great goal, and you are going to be so incredibly happy when you achieve it! However, it is also essential to accept your body at every step along your journey. The perfect bikini body isn’t the one that weighs the least, and it is the one that belongs to the girl who is healthy, happy, and confident!