If there’s one swimwear style that all girls of all sizes can wear, it’s a one-piece swimsuit. This style has been around back in the days and is still very popular decades after. Even if bikinis have dominated the swimwear trend, girls still go for the classic high-cut one piece. Want to know why? Here are the 5 reasons why you should buy a one-piece swimsuit:black one piece swimsuit

1. It is suitable for all body types

Still indecisive on what bikini to pick that truly matches your size? Take that stress off your back and opt for a one-piece swimsuit instead.luxe one piece swimsuit blackA one-piece swimsuit is ideal for showing off your curves as it perfectly wraps around our body like a glove. It gives that flattering fit to anyone who’s wearing it.red cheeky one piece swimsuitThis swimsuit is great in doing almost everything from giving extra support on the bust to giving tummy control where we need it to be.

Leave your worries behind and grab this luxe one-piece in Immortal Red ($65 USD).

2. It hides your belly flab

Never miss feasting on boodle fights or buffet when you’re out on a vacation! You won’t have to worry about taking in too much when you wear this type of swimsuit.high cut one piece swimsuitOne-piece swimsuits are known for great coverage. It surely will hide your tummy from anyone’s view so there’s no stopping you now from munching on every meal. No more peeking belly flab, just extra sexy with a happy tummy!cheeky black one piece swimsuit

Are you a food lover? Get this luxe one-piece in Immortal Black ($65 USD) to let your tummy stay hidden all day long!

3. It lengthens your silhouette

Post a killer look on Instagram by making a taller impression of your body in your pictures. The secret to this illusion is a high-cut swimsuit that will help emphasize your legs and upper body as well.

mustard one piece swimsuit

If your body type is small and petite, this swimsuit will undoubtedly help you lengthen your legs and widen your hips - creating a more pronounced shape of your body. mustard cheeky one piece swimsuit

Look taller in pictures by bringing this luxe one-piece in Immortal Mustard ($65 USD) on your next trip!

4. It suits both small and large busts

One thing we’re worried about when choosing bikinis is the bikini top. We either worry if the top is too big or too small for our busts.

black one piece swimsuit

One-piece swimsuits will save you from stressing too much as these type of swimsuits are a great piece for accentuating the busts - may it be small or large.

black one piece swimsuit for big bust

Small-busted ladies will have a flattering upper-body look when wearing this. Those with big busts, on the other hand, will have comfortable support throughout the day.

Busty or not too busty? Grab this luxe one-piece in Immortal Black ($65 USD) as this swimsuit is for all bust sizes!

5. It can be worn as a bodysuit

Want to wear your swimwear beyond the beach? We’re not talking about bikinis, we meant swimsuits! It’s finally time to consider choosing this type of swimwear as you can wear this all year round.

high cut one piece swimsuitPair this up with your boyfriend jeans or high-waisted shorts and you will surely rock a fashion look with this one! Never wear your swimwear once on the beach but rather don it on other occasions you’ll attend, too.

elegant black one piece swimsuit

Grab this bodysuit, oh, we mean this luxe one-piece in Immortal Black ($65 USD) and we're sure you can wear it with any style you want!

Gone are the days where we would all agree that bikinis are the top-tier style of swimwear. One-piece swimsuits have emerged universally through time and have since been considered as a favorite go-to style when everyone’s tired of wearing two separate fabrics on the beach. It may be boring to other people, but considering the benefits it has, you’ll never yawn on this classic piece!