You have got the perfect bikini, found the best beach destination, and now it is time to take a pic for the Gram – but what do you do? It is normal to feel awkward when trying to take a picture that shows off your swimwear. It’s not like you can hide under layers of clothing, not that you should want to – show off that bikini body with pride! Fear not, your trusty bikini bud Nobadaddiction is here to give you 11 killer poses that will leave you looking and feeling like a swimsuit model. Keep reading to find your perfect one or ten – the more, the merrier!

#1 The Admiring The Sea Pose
Bikini pose by the sea

There is no better way to show off the beach, or your bum, than with this pose. It is quite simple – all you have to do is turn away from the camera so that you face the ocean and your photographer has a view of your back. Play with your hair a bit, and you now have an easy and beautiful picture to share. It is best to go with a show-stopping, hi-cut suit for this shot – our Nellie cut in Bianco is an excellent option for a picture like this. 

#2 The Bikini Tanning Pose
13 awesome bikini poses by the sea

A beach chair or towel comes in handy for this pose, but they aren’t necessary. Lie face down on a towel, chair, or even the sand so that your back is facing the camera. You can get creative with your arms here by choosing to perch yourself up or lie flat. This pose can be snapped topless (you are facing away from the camera, after all) or with a flattering suit, such as our Aisha bikini – it has a beautifully scooped-back top and bottoms that show just enough cheek. 

#3 The Bikini Close-Up
bikini pose swimsuit swimwear

Are you most interested in showing off how hot your bikini is? Then this is the perfect shot for you! No need to ask a friend to help with this pose. You can take the picture yourself. Angle your phone or camera so that only your shoulders to your upper thighs are in the shot. Simply put, this is a close-up of your bikini. Go for a suit with stunning colors, such as our Most Wanted in Squeeze – Wow! 

#4 The Model Pose
bikini swimwear pose

Do you know those old swimwear catalogs with the models soaking up in the sun as they pose in front of the ocean? Well, consider that your inspiration. For this pose, you should stand in front of the water and pull out your poutiest, Vogue-esque attitude. Have fun with this one, and it’s meant to be unique! For a 90s throwback vibe, try this pose and edit the picture in black and white.

#5 The Beach Towel Selfie
bikini pose swimwear

This may be the most popular bikini/beach pose because it is one of the easiest to pull off. While you're catching some sun, lying out on your towel, take out your phone and angle so that you are taking a selfie that shows your beautiful sun-kissed face and your favorite bikini! 

#6 Get In The Water!
Awesome bikini poses by the sea

A bikini-beach photo sesh could never be complete without a picture of you enjoying the ocean! If your beach spot has a cove, that’s great, but you can pull this one off anywhere. Simply walk through the water and look off into the distance while someone snaps your photo. This unexpected shot looks amazing without looking too “posey.”

#7 The Bikini Body Pose
bikini swimwear pose

This pose is very interpretative. At Nobadaddiction, we believe that everybody is a bikini body which is why we want you to show off both your imperfections and favorite parts of yourself in our swimwear. We love celebrating individuality and what makes us all unique! Our Matilda suit in Etnico is perfect for this pose. 

#8 The You Caught Me Pose
bikini poses by the sea

Are you looking for an un-posed, in-the-moment shot? If you wore a string bikini to the beach, have a friend take pictures of you while you readjust the sides of your bottoms. Be sure to pose a bit, but ultimately, this photo should look as though you were in the middle of doing something while it was taken. 

#9 Sandy Cheeks
bikini pose by the sea

What pairs better with a hi-cut bikini than a sandy booty? It is the perfect sexy but cute shot – very cheeky. This one is easy! Just find a fun and flirty pose to show off your sand-covered tush, and voila, you have yourself a bikini photo!   

#10 The Boat Pose
swimwear bikini poses by the sea

If you prefer to enjoy the sea on your boat, then consider us jealous – where was our invite?! Show off your luxurious day on the sea by snapping a pic of you lounging on the front of the boat – celeb style. Our leo-printed Diosa bikini goes great with this pose.  

#11 The Action Shot
13 awesome bikini poses by the sea

If you prefer to fill your day at the beach with fun activities such as volleyball, surfing, or even snorkeling, then you need a picture that shows off just how adventurous you are when hanging by the sea! 

So many bikinis pose, how will you choose?
bikini poses by the sea

Why choose when you can try them all! There is a pose, or two, here that is great for everyone – so no excuses for not posting that photo! Figure out which poses you feel most comfortable and confident in and make those your signature poses for uploading pictures of your new bikini. Don’t forget to tag us and show us how great you look in your suit!