Have you ever shopped for a bikini but had a hard time choosing a bikini bottom due to the dark skin in your inner thighs? Well, you are not alone because that's a problem most girls usually have! The darkening of the bikini area is caused by a lot of things, including fabric friction. The main culprit? It is wearing tight underwear! If you have this problem, then read along. Here is an easy guide on how to take care and lighten your bikini area.leopard print string bikini

Choose the right underwear

One thing that you need to do to give your bikini area the tender loving care it deserves is to let it breathe. Refrain from wearing underwear made from synthetic fabrics as this type of underwear keeps the genital area warm and moist.leopard print triangle bikiniChoose underwear that is made with cotton, so that it could absorb any moisture build-up. Cotton underwear can let your bikini area breathe, thus preventing it from acquiring a yeast infection.

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Sleep without undies if you can

v-wire blue bikini topIf you live alone or you don't share a room with anyone, try to get comfortable sleeping without your underwear on. Wearing underwear all day is enough to darken your bikini area over time. So, sleeping without undies overnight can somehow let the skin rest from friction.pink two piece string bikiniWe know it's a bit uncomfortable in the first few days, but if you do it regularly, you'll get comfortable sleeping without underwear over time.

Exfoliate your bikini area gently

luxe one piece swimsuit in blackOur bikini area also accumulates dead skin cells after quite some time. To remove this, you need to use a gentle exfoliating scrub. Avoid scrubbing the bikini area too harshly as heavy friction can usually cause darkening of the skin.v-wire bikini top in blackTry to go natural by mixing brown sugar with honey. A home-made gentle scrub is recommended as it does not contain any chemicals which may be harmful to your intimate area. Apply the scrub on the bikini area then lightly scrub the skin in a circular motion.

Level up with brightening soap

ribbed triangle bikini topDon't like waiting to see the progress? Get faster results by using a brightening soap! Brightening soaps are beneficial to our skin, especially in the role of lightening. It also doubles the action by deeply nourishing your bikini area and also brightening the skin! leopard print triangle bikiniJust make sure to only lather the soap in your inner thighs. Be careful not to put any soap residue anywhere near your genital area as it should only be touched by a feminine wash.

The next time you're shopping for a bikini, you should never back out! Follow these four ways to brighten your bikini area. By following this routine, you're giving your intimate area the proper care it needs. When done habitually, we're confident you'll never have to worry about buying a too-revealing bikini bottom ever again!