Bikini season can be intimidating, that is no secret. You have likely spent wondering which magical year will be the one in which you become more confident. We hate to break it to you, but there is no secret potion or aha! moment that suddenly makes you feel better about your body – it takes some work. No worries, your trusty friends at Nobadaddiction are here to help!

#1 Focus On Your Favorites

10 Ways To Thrive This Bikini Season

The months leading up to bikini season, and of course, the moment you put on a bikini, both tend to apply some focus to all of the things that your think are wrong with your body or the way that you look. You are more likely to focus on the areas you struggle with, such as not having a six-pack or a thigh gap and various body hang ups.

But what about the things you love about your body or the features that gain you the most compliments? Have gorgeous eyes? Work that liner and mascara. Working on that booty over the winter? Show it off with a cheeky pair of bottoms! Focus on the things that you LOVE about yourself.

#2 Unfollow Social Media Accounts That Make You Self Conscious

10 Ways To Thrive This Bikini Season

Social media is great for many reasons, but it can also make you feel bad about yourself in less than a full scroll. While certain fitspo or influencer accounts may feel like they are giving you #goals, they are likely giving you #shame in your own body. It is no secret that social media is more a highlight reel than a true account of events, and photoshopping runs rampant on every platform. Comparing your body to these images isn’t just unfair – it’s dangerous.

#3 Dress To Impress (Yourself!)

10 Ways To Thrive This Bikini Season

Don’t fall into the trap of buying what is trendy or what some random influencer tells you to purchase unless you genuinely like it and it makes you feel good! The best way to thrive this bikini season, or any season for that matter, is to wear things that make you feel sexy and confident. Nothing is more empowering than boldly showing off who you are.

#4 Stay Away From Fad Diets

10 Ways To Thrive This Bikini Season

Quick fixes, fad diets, and magic pills or supplements aren’t just ineffective, and they can crush your self-esteem. Nutritionists and workout experts both agree that these diets just aren’t sustainable and typically lead to further discouragement and disordered relationships with food and exercise. No significant change will occur quickly, so it is important to create healthy lifestyle habits that are in line with your goals and don’t fall victim to fad diets.

#5 Pamper Yourself

face mask

You don’t have to focus all of your time and energy on diet and exercise to attain a specific body before bikini season. There are plenty of ways that you can be kind to yourself and make yourself look great! Use a new body scrub, give yourself a mani-pedi, or go and get a fresh cut and color from the salon. Spending a little time on luxury beauty routines and a bit of pampering not only makes your look fantastic, but it also makes you feel good. When you spend time showing yourself a bit of TLC, it boosts your mood and makes you more confident!

#6 Detoxes and Cleanses – Just Stay Away


You know what is amazing about your body? It is fully capable of cleaning and detoxing itself! Imagine that – you don’t need to shell out tons of money to “clean” out your insides because your liver already does that. These systems typically come with big claims about weight loss and health but rarely are effective and can even cause your body harm. Some of these cleanses, and detoxes are likely to leave you feeling woozy, irritable, send you running for the bathroom, and will likely not result in any real weight loss.

#7 Get Enough Sleep

get enough sleep

If you want to look great and feel great, you have to get enough sleep- there is no way around it! Working out and eating well are certainly important to your health, but the same attention is rarely paid to getting enough shut-eye. Sleep deprivation causes many undesirable side effects such as loss of concentration and focus, craving sugary food or junk food, and leaving you irritable and moody throughout the day. No one likes hanging out at the beach with a crabby friend.

#8 Be Kind To Yourself

love yourself

You would never tell your friend that she looks terrible in her bikini, so why are you so willing to say it to yourself? We are all guilty of shaming ourselves and being unkind to our bodies, but this thought process is very toxic and leads to many undesirable emotions. It is a challenge to start but start small and build yourself up. It’s okay to love yourself as much as you love and celebrate others!

#9 Don’t Let Others Comment On Your Body

10 Ways To Thrive This Bikini Season

We can’t believe that this still has to be addressed in 2021, but it is essential to know that nobody has the right to comment on your body in any way, shape, or form. If you find that you are spending time with someone who says things that make you feel self-conscious or bad about yourself, you have to let them know. Give them a chance to change their behavior, but if they don’t, then it is time to show them the door.

#10 There Are No Rules

10 Ways To Thrive This Bikini Season

For some reason, people love telling other people how they can and cannot dress or present themselves. The great thing about this is that you are not required to listen – ever! Do what makes you feel good and leave the rest to those who can’t seem to keep their opinions to themselves. Remember, opinions are not facts, and you are not obligated to take what other people say to heart.

The Final Rule

What is the best way to thrive during this bikini season? HAVE FUN! Enjoy your days at the beach with your family and friends, and don’t be afraid to show confidence and love for yourself and your body. Why survive this bikini season when you can thrive?