It’s okay, you can admit it – one of the best things about buying a new bikini is finding the perfect backdrop and snapping a picture to post on Instagram. There is something special to be said about finding a bikini that fits your style and your body perfectly, and there is no shame in showing that off! So, now that you have the perfect swimsuit and a fantastic picture, what in the world do you make your caption?

You Came To The Right Place

20 capitons for your next bikini post on instagram
At Nobadaddiction, we think of everything regarding swimsuits, bikinis, enjoying the water, and beach vibes. Part of that is knowing how to share the excitement and confidence that comes with taking an excellent bikini photo. Check out our captions below so you can find the perfect one to match your picture or pictures (we love an overachiever). With our top 20 Instagram captions, you’ll be able to share your post in no time!

It’s All About The Bikini!

20 captions for your bikini posts on instagram
Want a caption that is entirely focused on your newest piece? Give one of these a try to call all of the attention to your newest bikini!

  • Your body is the perfect bikini body!
  • Bikini got me feeling like Bae-watch!
  • Nothing comes between me and my bikini.
  • Nothing sets you free like the sea and a good bikini
  • How to have a bikini body: 1 – Have a body, 2 – Put a bikini on it.
  • The sexiest thing about a bikini is that it leaves something to the imagination, which is the best part. – Anna Sui
  • I never met a bikini that I didn’t like

Focus On The Sea

20 Bikini Captions For Your Instagram Posts In 2021
Did you snap your pic on vacation? Nothing incites a little wanderlust like a photo of someone enjoying their days at the beach.

  • Getting my daily dose of vitamin sea.
  • Resting Beach Face.
  • Read between my tan lines.
  • I can sea clearly now the rain is gone
  • Wild, beautiful, and free – just like the sea.
  • Feeling a little naughty-ical.

Hanging By The Pool

20 Bikini Captions For Your Instagram Posts In 2021

Whether it’s a pool party outback or chic rooftop pool-bar, sometimes the best bikini photo happens away from the shore. Here are few captions to match the vibe for those times that you’re sharing a photo from the poolside cabanas.

  • I never met a pool float that I didn’t like.
  • Pool days. Sun rays. Bikini Babes. 
  • The Poolside is my best side.  

Put It In A Song

20 Bikini Captions For Your Instagram Posts In 2021
Sometimes celebrities really do say it best, and then we make it punny. If you’re looking to show off your new swimsuit and get a little chuckle from your followers, try out any of the captions below. The final one may not be song lyrics, but it is Beyonce, which requires no explanation.

  • Tropic like it’s hot.
  • When I dip, you dip, we dip!
  • I got 99 bikinis, but I can’t choose one!
  • I feel born again when I get out of the ocean. 

Putting It All Together

20 Bikini Captions For Your Instagram Posts In 2021
Nobadaddiction bikini? Check. Beautiful beach backdrop or chic poolside setting? Check. Perfect photo and eye-catching caption? Check!

Showing off your favorite, little bikini is all about setting up the perfect package with which to deliver your photo. The caption is the big red bow on top! It catches your followers’ attention and sets the vibe for the photo. We hope that you’ve found one to suit your photo from our twenty favorite captions listed above!