At Nobadaddiction, we believe that every suit you put on looks fantastic on you! However, that doesn’t mean that some colors don’t just pop against your skin tone. Whatever you feel the most confident in is exactly what you should wear. If you are looking to try some new colors and are curious to know which of our bikinis are best suited for your skin tone, keep reading below! 

How To Determine Your Skin Tone

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No two skin tones are created exactly alike, but there are some tips and information that we can use as a guide to determine how our skin will look against a certain color, even without having to try on the bikini. 

The easiest and most effective way to break down skin tone is by determining two different things – your shade and your undertone. Skin shade can be hard to determine but is usually broken down into a few different shades. 

Very light skin, almost porcelain white skin, is usually most prevalent in those with light hair colors. A strong marker for this shade is that you burn very quickly. Those with fair or light skin typically get a bit pink and can tan a bit – but be careful you are also likely to burn. Light and fair-skinned women usually have a darker hair color than those with very light skin. 

Girls with a medium or golden skin tone typically have darker hair, and their shade can range from a little darker than light to olive or golden. Your skin may get a bit flush at the beginning of the season but tans nicely throughout the summer. If your skin is darker than a golden or olive shade – typically warm caramel and chocolate tones, you tan easily and rarely burn. 

The Best Colors For Very Light Skin

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For the ladies who look like Snow White, you will want to find colors that contrast your skin. Remember Snow’s red lips and black hair – they POP! You should stick to dark and cool shades. Think black, deep green, navy blues, or deep purples and red. Our suits in NERO are absolutely perfect for your skin. 

Choosing A Color for Your Fair Or Light Skin

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Highlighting your slightly sun-kissed tones is the best approach to complementing your skin tone. You want to aim for swimwear that is pink, coral, or blue. We have two shades that will effortlessly call attention to your shade. ISOLA and ETHNICO will contrast your skin just enough while complimenting any undertones. 

The Colors You Should Choose For Your Medium Or Golden Skin

Choosing the Best Swimwear Color for Your Skin Tone Bikini Nobadaddiction

Luckily for girls with these skin tones, you can choose nearly any color to highlight the gold and bronzed colors in your skin. Trying a fun print or bold color is always rewarding, but a nude tone can get lost against your skin. When checking out Nobadaddiction, go for our BIANCO and LEO PRINT suits. 

How to Compliment Darker Skin Tones

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Women with light to deep dark skin tones can pull off any shade effortlessly while showcasing their skin tone beautifully – lucky girl! You truly have no limits when selecting a new bikini. We recommend going for a bold contrast with our BIANCO and AMPOLA colored suits! 

Wear Your Confidence In Every Shade

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Finding the perfect bikini or swimwear piece is all about what makes you feel confident and gorgeous! If you typically have stuck to just one shade in the past, give one of the recommendations a try to see how well they can accentuate your lovely skin tone!