Finding the perfect pose for a bikini pic is no easy task, but that doesn’t mean you can shy away from the challenge! Even after you have found your new favorite suit and the perfect beach to set up your impromptu photoshoot, finding a flattering pose isn’t always simple – especially if you tend to feel awkward in front of a camera.

At Nobadaddiction, we spend a lot of time taking pictures of our models in our bikinis - so, we don’t mean to brag, but we are kind of the experts. Since every season is bikini season in our world, we wanted to share the top ten poses that you need to try during your next bikini shoot. Trust us, and you are going to get the perfect shot!

Pose #1 – The Straightforward Swimwear Shot

bikini pose
Are you looking for an easy way to show off your new favorite suit? Look for a neutral background, grab your friend that takes the best pictures, and face the camera head-on. Have fun with this one – put your hands through your hair, pop a hip, and play with your angles a bit to find the best shot!

Pose #2 – Glam It Up!

bikini poses to try
Sure, we don’t all hang out by the pool or at the beach totally decked out in accessories, but it is completely acceptable to glam it up for a quick photo shoot. Grab your favorite pair of earrings, a stack of necklaces, and a killer pair of shades to add a healthy dose of glamour to your photo. These shots go best with a healthy dose of attitude, so feel free to add a bit of fun and flair to your poses.

Pose #3 – The Active Shot

Bikini poses to try active shot
If you’re the type to head to the beach and spend time on a fun and thrilling activity like surfing, or even something a bit more chill like a game of volleyball, don’t be afraid to incorporate that into your shot. You can still show off your favorite bikini on your surfboard or while spiking a ball over the net. Don’t be afraid to show how much you are enjoying your time at the beach – that is what this shot is all about! Even if you are more of a sunbather, you can’t go wrong with a classic surfboard shot – no skills needed. Just grab a board, look over your shoulder, and you have got the perfect retro-inspired beach picture.

Pose #4 – Keep It Peachy

bikini poses to try on your next trip
Does your favorite new bikini show off your booty in the perfect way? Why not take the opportunity to show it off in your shot? Whether you're facing away from the camera and peeking over your shoulder, laying down with your booty front and center, this shot always comes off as fun and carefree.

Pose #5 – On The Sand

bikini photo poses to try
This may be one of our favorites at Nobadaddiction. Prop your phone up on your cooler or beach bag, or grab a friend and strike a pose so that your suit and your curves are on full display. Embrace the beach vibes by adding a hat or pair of sunglasses. The point with this pose is to show off all how much you are enjoying the beach.

Pose #6 – The Beach Vacation Snap

10 Poses To Try When You Want to Snap a Seriously Good Bikini Photo
Have you headed to a beautiful beach destination somewhere far away? First of all, we are very jealous – but here is how you can get the perfect pic to give all of your followers serious FOMO! Whether you are in a tropical locale or sailing across the Mediterranean, the shot starts with finding the perfect location. Find a spot that matches the vibe of your tip and then strike a nonchalant, in-the-moment kind of pose.

Pose #7 – Posing With The Palm Trees

tropical bikini photo pose
If you are strutting around in your bikini somewhere in the tropics and find a few palm trees or palmettos, take the opportunity to snap a couple of pics! Feel free to make this pose your own, but whatever you do, strike a fun pose and showcase the location. Two go-to poses are leaning your back against the tree while looking down at the camera or draping your arm against the tree while giving the camera a bit of sass.

Pose #8 – The Sunbathing Selfie

sunbathing bikini selfie
Are you spending some “me” time by the water? Don’t worry, and you can still get the perfect bikini photo – just make it a selfie! Whether you are lying by the pool or hanging out by the beach, you can easily fit your whole bikini in the shot. Just hold the camera up a bit behind your head and bend it forward slightly to get the perfect photo.

Pose #9 – The Mirror Selfie

bikini mirror selfie
This is a shot that is meant to show off your favorite bikini. Go for a simple and clean background and set up your mirror right in front of you. Take the opportunity to call attention to all of the beautiful details on your suit, like bow detail or high-waisted hemline.

Pose #10 – The Take A Dip Pose

bikini photo pose ideas
Trying to get a shot in the water or near the waves? This is such a flattering shot! All you have to do is kneel into the water and prop yourself up on your legs a bit. Think – half in the water, half above it! Now, for the finishing touch, rest your hands on top of your lower thighs and lean forward just a bit. Perfect!

Which Pose Is Your Favorite?

We fully encourage you to try each and every one of these go-to bikini poses. You will have an endless supply of gorgeous photos to choose from the next time you feel like sharing! If you find one that you particularly like and are comfortable with, then you may have just discovered your signature pose. Work it!