Finding a flattering bikini can be a challenge – we are all shaped so differently! Believe it or not, shopping for a bikini top that looks great on a small bust is not nearly as difficult as you may think – you may even have an easier time than someone who is trying to find a top that fits a bustier chest. No matter what you choose, as long as you love it, you will feel great! If you are looking for a top that adds a bit of enhancement to your shape, keep reading to learn more about our four best bikini tops for a small bust. 

What To Look For In A Bikini TopThe 4 Best Bikini Tops For A Small Bust

The look that usually makes the majority of us feel the most confident in swimwear is a bikini that creates balance. Some of us are smaller up top and heavier on the bottom, vice versa, and everything in between. Ultimately, we like to our clothes, swimsuits included, to give the appearance of proportion. Knowing how to shop and what to look for regarding your styling goals is an essential part of the process. Here are a few flattering features to look for when choosing a bikini for a small bust. 

Bikini Tops With Triangle-Shaped CupsBikini Top Triangle Cup

For some reason, the classic triangular cups on a bikini are incredibly flattering for someone with a small bust. This is a universally flattering design shape, but it mostly does wonders for smaller-chested women. Whether the top is regular fabric or contains a bit of padding, this classic bikini silhouette emphasizes the chest in a sexy and subtle way. It a tried and true design that just works. 

Bikinis With Adjustable StrapsBikini Top With Adjustable Straps

Any form of adjustable ties or straps will give you a significant amount of control over how your bikini fits your body. Women with a small bust may prefer to wear their suits a bit tighter than usual in order to add some lift or pushup. They also ensure a proper fit. It doesn’t matter what your body proportions are, with a bikini that offers plenty of adjustability, and you get to decide how you want it to fit your body.  

A Little Something Extra

Bikini Top Push Up

If adding some oomph is your goal this bikini season, then aim for a bikini that offers a bit of padding. This will help to enhance a small bust without overdoing it. A subtle lift can go a long way! Pair a bit of padding with a minimalist slide triangle design to beautifully emphasize and enhance your natural shape. 

The Ultimate Benefit Of Shopping For A Small Bust

The 4 Best Bikini Tops For A Small Bust

On those days when you are feeling a bit discouraged or are being too harsh or unkind to yourself while shopping for a suit, remember this. It is much, much, easier to find a flattering bathing suit for a small bust rather than a larger chest. Both sizes and shapes are absolutely gorgeous and incredible, but bathing suits are typically made with small-chested women in mind – think models. Therefore, many of the designs that are available are created to flatter women with small busts. 

Nobadaddiction Bikinis For Small BustsBikini Top For A Small Bust

We have plenty of bikinis from our swimwear line that are specifically designed to enhance and celebrate the shape of women who have smaller chests. Here are our four top bikinis for girls with a small bust. 

Slide Triangle Bikini Top | Most Wanted

Bikini Top Most Wanted

Our Most Wanted design is perfect for a girl with a smaller chest. It has the classic slide triangle design, which is ideal for looking elegant and stunning on a hot day at the beach. The triangle shapes, coupled with the adjustable straps, offer plenty of personalization regarding how your suit fits. Constructed from an incredibly supportive fabric, you can ensure that your top provides just the right amount of subtle lift and is beautiful and comfortable. Another special perk? This suit comes in seven different colors ranging from black to bright orange. 

Bikini Crop Top | Nellie
Bikini Top Nellie

Our Nellie bikini offers so many benefits to girls with a small chest. This bikini is just right for those who want a bit of extra lift from their suit. This classic and elegant silhouette is very flattering and dips a bit lower than a typical bikini top – which gives the illusion of a larger chest. That paired with the band along the bottom of the top offers the perfect amount of lift and support. The Nellie bikini is offered in six beautiful colors, but if I had to recommend one, it would be the Nellie suit in Isola. It is the loveliest shade of blue! 

String Bikini Top | LulanBikini Top Lulan

Our Lulan suit provides the ultimate, classic shape for a girl with a small bust who is looking for a bikini that highlights their shape while also enhancing their curves. This traditional style provides slidable triangles and plenty of adjustability from the straps. The smaller, triangle-shaped cups make the bust appear larger, while the lightweight fabric is easily altered by adjusting the straps or tying the string in the back. This small but mighty bikini is the bikini for tanning. 

Triangle Bikini Top | Confident GoddessBikini Top Confident Goddess

Our Confident Goddess suit is very similar to our Lulan style, but it offers a bit more coverage up top. This minimalist suit comes in black and white and boasts the coveted triangular-shaped cups to help women with small busts create more curves with their swimsuit. The lightweight material conforms easily to the body as you customize the fit with adjustable straps and ties. The simple and elegant style of this ribbed bikini will accentuate a smaller chest perfectly. 

You’ll Have No Trouble Finding The Perfect Top The 4 Best Bikini Tops For A Small Bust

The bottom line is that you will always be able to find a bikini top that is going to look great on you if you have a small bust. You just have to know a few key features to keep in your mind while browsing – whether in-store or online. Those essential features include a classic shape – such as simple slide triangles, adjustable straps and ties, a supportive fabric, and a little extra push if all else fails. The ultimate goal should always be to find the suit that makes you feel confident and sexy in your skin.