Few bikinis are more versatile than the Aisha Bikini. The simple, classic and athletic design of this suit is flattering to so many different body types! The colors are beautiful, the lines are clean, and it shows just enough cheek. It is safe to say that, after learning more about this suit, it will absolutely become a staple in your bikini wardrobe. The top and bottoms of the Aisha are a perfect match. Keep reading to learn more about all of the things that make this bikini a modern-day classic. 

The Aisha Bikini Top
The Aisha Bikini Top

The style of the Aisha top is so stunning and incredibly flattering. The low scoop bandeau cut offers just the right balance of coverage and cleavage. You don’t have to worry about any accidental see-through occurrences after you get out of the water because the Aisha is made with fully lined, ribbed fabric that is both supportive and secure. 

This suit also just feels amazing and cozy when you’re wearing it. The materials are reborn and made with Luxe Italian Fabrics for a seamless and ultra-soft finish. The straps are secured with loophole detailing that is 100% adjustable so that you can get the right fit every single time. 

The Aisha Bikini BottomsThe Aisha Bikini Bottoms

This classic and minimalistic cut is not only flattering, but they are also so comfortable and stays in place! The deep-cut, V-shaped front has a subtle but surprising detail on the front that you almost just miss – see if you can spot it! The high-cut style paired with the cheeky fit gives these bottoms a modern-day 80s vibe. 

All of our suits are ethically produced with reborn and sustainable fabric. This material is ultra-high quality to ensure a long-lasting suit. Ribbed detailing ensures that the bottoms stay and place and never give other beachgoers a peek behind the fabric. 

The Aisha Bikini – So Many Colors!The Aisha Bikini Colors

Our Aisha bikini comes in seven unique and stunning colors! If you can’t choose just one, we recommend picking up a few because it is very, very hard to decide with so many beautiful colors. Of course, the Aisha is offered in both black and white, or Nero and Bianco. You can also purchase the Aisha bikini in body, which is a lovely light nude shade – no need to worry about this color showing any unwanted parts. The other four color options are perfect for those going to a tropical locale. 

With Squeeze, you get a true yellow tone that is incredibly flattering against freshly tanned skin. Ethinco, our staple orange color, and Isola, a rich and deep blue hue, look fantastic in beach photos – either in the water or resting next to a nearby palm tree. If you are looking for a lovely color but want something more understated and subtly, you should try our illusion suit. It is a flawless grey color with a slightly purple undertone – simply gorgeous. 

How Will You Ever Choose?The Aisha Bikini

We can understand how hard it is to pick the Aisha bikini in just one color! The great news is that this style is so universally flattering and versatile that you can pick it up in a few different colors to round out your collection. The high-quality fabric and timeless style are sure to last you many bikini seasons.