Summer is quickly approaching, and you are looking for a bikini that is sexy, classic but has just a little special something that sets it apart from the rest. Well, let us introduce you to Matilda! She is one of our favorite suits and manages to carve out her unique spot in our collection with clean lines, simple details, and an insanely flattering cut. Keep reading to learn more about the Matilda top, bottoms, and the six different colors that we offer in this style. 

The Matilda Bikini Top
The Matilda Bikini Top

Something about this top is just next level! It is a minimal but classic triangle-shaped top with a twist – or rather a tie. The top meets in the middle of the chest with a tie-knot front detail. This subtle cinching detail at the center of the chest is super flattering and delicately adds curves to your figure. The top is fastened in the back with a simple metal clasp, making it incredibly easy to get on.

Our Matilda is fitted with adjustable straps and loophole fastening detailing so that you get the perfect fit every time. Like all of our suits at Nobadaddiction, we make every bikini with Luxe Italian Sustainable fabrics. The Matilda bikini is fully lined, seamless, and ribbed for extra support, comfort and to ensure there are no undesirable peek-a-boo moments. 

The Matilda Bikini BottomsThe Matilda Bikini Bottoms

If you thought the top was great, wait until you learn more about the Matilda bottoms! They will make you look fantastic. This classic and subtly cheeky cut shows off just enough booty and lifts the bottom with a high-cut hip. This cut offers a bit more coverage and support, making it a great option if you like spending a lot of your beach time in the water. 

Like the Matilda top, our bottoms are fully lined, seamless, ribbed, and sourced from fine Italian fabrics. We know that it is essential that you feel more sexy and secure in your bikini, so we took extra special care in designing a pair of bottoms that showed off just enough cheek without possibly feeling like they are too revealing. 

The Matilda Bikini ColorsThe Matilda Bikini

We love Matilda so much that we made her in six beautiful and flattering shades! If you are aiming for a classic look, give our Nero or Bianco shades a try. Nero is a classic matte black, while Bianco is a cool and relaxed summery white. Those looking to stand out a bit more can try out Matilda in Body – a light nude shade that really pops against a tan. Matilda in Ethinco, a rich orange hue, Ampola, a peachy-pink, and Isola, a lush, deep blue tone, are all perfect for an exotic beach getaway. 

The Bottom Line
The Matilda Bikini

Our Matilda Bikini perfectly merges classic bikini designs with surprising and unique details to create a suit that is remarkably special. While it is an incredibly sexy suit, it offers plenty of support and comfort. There is no doubt that Matilda flatters and accentuates all of your curves to give you the perfect silhouette.