Few things are sexier than that scene in a Bond movie when the leading lady gets out of the ocean in her tiny bikini as she shakes the seawater off. It is a shame that none of them were wearing our Tusa bikini, but we suppose that would have been just too hot to handle. The Tusa is one of our most popular and beloved pieces, and it is easy to see why! Few bikinis can capture sexy, sporty, and ultra-feminine touches without breaking a sweat, but the Tusa does it with ease. 

The Tusa Bikini TopThe Tusa Bikini Top

The Tusa top fits like a bra, and it is supportive yet delicate and incredibly sexy. While it offers more coverage than a classic triangle shape bikini top, the plunging V neckline adds just the right amount of femineity to the suit. If you are looking for an extra boost, the Tusa comes fitted with optional padding inserts. The cut of the suit plus the optional padding makes it a great option for ladies with both a fuller or smaller bust. 

The straps are entirely adjustable to allow you to customize the fit and level of support from the top. Made with sustainable fabrics sourced from Italy, our fully lined and seamless suit is made with ribbed material to offer more coverage and firmer hold. 

The Tusa Bikini BottomsThe Tusa Bikini Bottoms

The bikini bottoms of the Tusa suit are the perfect complement to the top. The Tusa bottoms are a classic high-cut bottom that lengthens the legs and defines the waistline. These incredibly flattering bottoms show off the booty with a cheeky rear cut, completing a design that perfectly shows off your curves! 

Much like the top, our sustainable fabrics are sourced from Italy and fully lined. The ribbed texture adds support and privacy – so no unwanted, see-through moments after going for a dip. The Tusa bottoms are roll resistant, so there is no need for you to worry about unflattering angles – especially when the design and cut of the bottoms already flawlessly display the female silhouette.

The Many Colors of TusaThe Tusa Bikini

Our Tusa Bikini comes in three beautiful colors! Nero, our classic black color, is perfect for the beach, pool, or spending the day on a boat in the middle of the sea. This color is perfect for pairing with a pair of denim shorts for a quick walk to lunch or the boardwalk. You can’t go wrong with the Nero color. It flatters all skin tones and pairs so well with many different cover-ups. 

There aren’t many bikini colors that are as sexy and summery as white, or as we say, Bianco. This color is so crisp and fresh – perfect for a getaway to a European beach destination like the South of France. Everything about our Bianco Tusa is chic and elegant. 

If you are headed on a tropical vacation or maybe to Miami for spring break, our Tusa bikini in Ampola is the best choice for you! Its soft, peachy-pink tones are a winner for pictures near palm trees with a pina colada in hand. 

The Tusa Wrap-Up
The Tusa Bikini

You don’t have to sacrifice quality, support, or versatility for style. Our Tusa bikini was designed to be sexy, flirty, and even a bit sporty because we know that women shouldn’t have to choose between their many different sides (this is also why we offer different color options)! Will you be able to choose just one? We aren’t so sure.