Since the cases of Covid-19 have risen immensely, people start to avoid crowded places amidst the pandemic. Gyms, in particular, get a hard hit as they attract crowds, which increases the chance of transmissions. If you still want to stay active but can't risk yourself heading out to the gym, we suggest you do work(out)-from-home. This approach helps you stay fit with the safety inside your home. To help you start, we have listed four easy no-equipment workouts you can do at home.white brazilian cut triangle bikini


Doing push-ups is beneficial to help you gain upper body strength. This workout tones your abs by engaging your abdominal muscles in the process. Push-ups also help in toning your biceps.white brazilian cut triangle bikini

Do at least ten push-ups from the start. You can then work your way up, depending on the strength you will acquire through time.easy no equipment workouts you can do at home


Want to get your booty even more toned? Then, squats is another exercise you can try anywhere!black high waist cheeky bikiniSquats not only give you the sculpted booty, but it also helps tone your legs and gives strength to your knee joints. Just be prepared for the pain that you will feel in your hamstring for the first few days.easy no-equipment workouts at home


The crunch is one of the most popular abdominal exercises there is. Crunches is also one of the key in getting a flatter string bikini

A classic crunch involves just lifting your shoulders and head up off the floor. So to also engage the lower part of your abs, you need to do variations of sit-ups and crunches. By alternating both, you will be hitting your abs in many angles.easy no-equipment workouts at home


You might not know what a lunge means, but if you have knelt forward to tie your shoe before, then you're familiar with it. A lunge is a single-leg bodyweight exercise that works your hips, glutes, and inner thighs.v wire bikini top

Lunges can target your lower-body muscles. When done frequently, this can make your legs more toned. This exercise also aids in achieving your balance after quite some time.easy no-equipment workouts at home

We know how bummed you are that you can't go to the gym to get your daily workout fix due to the recent unfortunate news. But that doesn't stop you from achieving your summer body! You can try these four easy no-equipment workouts anywhere in your home. When all of this is finally over, you can then show off your bikini bod at the beach!