Summertime is coming near, and we hope you’re beach ready! Sure, packing for you is easy to do, but you still worry about getting the right tan. We always aim for that golden-brown tan after going home from our summer trip. This tan lasts up to the first few weeks from getting it, so it’s a big deal getting it the right way. So here we give you tips on getting your dream tan.brazilian cut bikini for tanning

1. Get The Right Bikini

Getting the right bikini is the first step to prepare yourself in getting the perfect tan. When choosing a bikini, consider the cuts and the fabric.minimalist cut bikini for tanningBe sure to get a bikini with strings for a minimal tan line. You can also opt for a strapless top if you want to avoid tan lines from straps.string bikini for tanningAlso, try to pick a cheeky bikini bottom to maximize the area you want to tan in your bum.

For a tan with minimal tan lines, try the Confident Goddess Triangle Bikini Top  and its Thong Bikini Bottom

2. Exfoliate Gently

Uneven tan lines? It’s what we don’t want to get! Make sure to exfoliate regularly to prevent the build-up of dead on getting your dream tanRemoving the dead cells can help bring out the uppermost layer of the skin. That is why exfoliation makes it easier for you to tan as the tan will appear and fade on getting your dream tanYou can make a gentle scrub at home by mixing brown sugar or oatmeal with honey. For a more convenient way of scrubbing, you can use bathroom loofah or glove scrub.

3. Always Use Protection

Now that you’ve exfoliated all those dead skin cells, your skin is prepped and ready to go!pink v wire bikini top

But before heading out, make sure to apply sunscreen with high SPF (sun protection factor). Sunscreens with high SPF protects you from the sun’s UV on getting your dream tanYou don’t want to get painful sunburns so applying sunscreen will be your best friend when sunbathing.

4. Moisturise Before And After

A moisturised skin will look more flattering when tanned. So better moisturise the night before your trip.ribbed two piece bikini for tanning

Focus on body parts that are dryer than other areas as these will result in an uneven tan. Also, drink lots of water before and during sunbathing to stay on getting your dream tan

5. Move Around More Frequently

Getting uneven tan lines are a nightmare to us. So when you’re out there sunbathing under the sun, be sure to move on getting your dream tanWhen lying on your back, have your arms up to tan the parts that the sun rarely touches. It would be best if you stretched your arms too when you lie on your on getting your dream tan

6. Tan In Intervals

The last thing we want after sunbathing is getting a painful sunburn. So, it is essential to tan in intervals to avoid on getting your dream tanThe ideal time to tan on each side of your body suggests a maximum of 30 minutes. Flip around every 15-30 minutes to give your skin rest in these on getting your dream tan

7. Take A Shower After

Taking a cold shower is ideal for cooling down the heat of your body. Don’t take hot showers as this will only result in dry on getting your dream tanDry skin can lead to flaky and patchy tan which is not what we want. Moisturize your skin after to get it looking silky. Use a cooling cream or aloe vera gel to soothe any sunburns.cheeky cut two piece bikini for tanning

When you head outside to go sunbathing, make sure to prep up yourself. Pay extra attention to your skin and follow these tips we’ve shared. Not only will this benefit your skin, but it will also help you ace the art of getting your dream bronzed tan.