Trust us when we say a small chest is a blessing! It can actually be quite difficult to support a large bust (we got you covered here though). A small chest is extremely flattering and a deep V is noting to worry about which looks sexy while still keeping it elegant.

There are actually studies that show that men with deeper pockets prefer a smaller chest, so a little tip if you have a small chest: since you’re going to get your heart broken anyways you might as well in a mansion and Chanel-bag, and (we hope it goes without saying) one of our bikinis below as well of course! 

4 must-have bikinis for a small bust

These bikinis will make men fall for you like sailors being enchanted by Sirens singing.

So even though finding bikinis that make you feel comfortable can be a bit tricky we’ve gathered, in our opinion, the best of the best, high quality bikinis that look absolutely beautiful on a small chest!

1. Nellie bikini - give the girlies a push!

4 must-have bikinis for a small bust
This is the perfect top when you want some cleavage! The Nellie bikini enhances your hips while sitting amazingly on your waist making it look more narrow, giving you an hourglass figure. The push-up top really makes your boobs pop, without actually looking like a push-up top!
4 must-have bikinis for a small bust
With its beautiful V-cut it looks sexy while still keeping it elegant on a small chest.

2. Lulan bikini - back to basics

4 must-have bikinis for a small bust

Even though the bikini itself is very revealing and cheeky its thick material makes you feel all covered up and secure. The top is incredibly flattering and the straps can be adjusted to any body type.

4 must-have bikinis for a small bustThis bikini is also perfect for tanning due to its adjustable straps, as well as the cheeky cut in the back. The front can be adjusted to cover more or less depending on your desired look!

3. Most Wanted bikini - the bather of your dreams

4 must-have bikinis for a small bust

Last, but definitely not least (as you can hear by the name) the most wanted bikini. It’s butter-soft material is stunning and straps can be adjusted both top and bottom, to suit you as if it was handmade just for you.

4 must-have bikinis for a small bustCompared to the Lulan bikini this one is thinner, but still double-layered and maintaining a high quality while being stretchy.

No matter what the reason is to why you’ve been holding off with buying new bikinis, now is the time to treat yourself! Apart from the fact that the bikinis maintain a high quality while the fabric is butter soft they’re made completely from recycled materials.

4 must-have bikinis for a small bust

Purchasing these bikinis = sustainable = you’re taking a step towards being more environmental friendly = happy oceans