5 Poses To Try For Your Next Bikini Photos

When we’re at the beach, we always like to take photos of the scenery. Other than the blue skies and the ocean, we also want to take a picture of ourselves in a bikini. Taking a bikini pic is never easy as standing in front of the camera and just smiling. It takes a lot of creativity and ideas to have a bikini pic that deserves a fair amount of likes on Instagram. If you’re running out of ideas for a bikini pose, here are five poses that you can try when taking bikini photos:bikini pose ideas for bikini pictures

1. Lie On Your Tummy

Don’t want to flaunt your frontside? Take a seductive photo by lying on your tummy! Not only will this hide your belly, but it will also give a plumper look to your busts and your bum.bikini pose ideas for bikini pictures

Improve the look by folding your feet up with toes pointed! Try also to tilt your head a little so your jawline could look sharper.bikini pose ideas for bikini picturesMake sure to grab this Confident Goddess triangle bikini top ($55 USD) and pair it with the thong bikini bottom ($55 USD) to help you get a captivating bikini pose! You can also try the Immortal luxe one piece ($65 USD) in black for a flattering bust coverage. 

2. Lie On Your Side

If you’re a confident goddess and don’t mind showing off your skin, lying on your side is a perfect pose to try. This pose helps create an elongated figure of your body. white ribbed two piece bikiniMake sure to prop yourself up using one hand and extend your legs far out. Finish the look by raising your other hand near your head! We're confident this pose will attract attention!bikini pose ideas for bikini picturesOur Adore You ribbed bikini top ($45 USD) in white paired with the thong bikini bottom ($45 USD) are the perfect items to get for your bikini photos. You can also opt for our high waisted Wild Child bikini bottom ($45 USD) matched with the Wild Child Bikini Crop Top ($45 USD) if you want a more retro look.

3. Kneel On Sand Or A Towel

Kneeling on sand or a towel is a classic pose that everyone always likes to do. From models to influencers, this relaxed pose is a go-to pose for bikini babes.yellow minimalist triangle bikiniMake sure to revamp your pose by putting your hands on your legs or grabbing the waistbands of your bikini bottoms. Try also to keep your eyes closed while tilting your head a little bit until your face touches the sun rays!bikini pose ideas for bikini pictures

Try our Confident Goddess triangle bikini top ($55 USD) in yellow and pair it with the cheeky thong bikini bottom ($55 USD) to give out a summer vibe on your bikini photos!

4. View From The Back

If you have wide hips and curvy bottom cheeks, an aspect of your backside is a good idea for taking a bikini picture. This pose also hides your frontside if you prefer not to show your tummy.bikini pose ideas for bikini picturesThis point of view will highlight your figure and will emphasize your butt even more. Keep your hands away from your sides so as not to hide your body’s natural shape.high cut cheeky bikini bottom

If you're a lady with a blessed booty, our Tusa high cut bikini bottom ($55 USD) is just what you need to flaunt it! Match it with the Tusa V-wire bikini top ($55 USD) for an unforgettable look!

5. Hands Up, Feet Pointed

Want a very flattering pose that highlights your silhouette? Try raising your hands up with your feet pointed for a bomb look!white minimalist triangle bikiniTry also to draw your pelvis back a little to shrink your tummy area. This trick will also give you an hourglass figure. Bear in mind to tiptoe before snapping a picture so your legs can look extra toned.bikini pose ideas for bikini picturesShow off that hourglass figure on your bikini photos by grabbing this Confident Goddess triangle bikini top ($55 USD) in black and its Brazilian cut thong bikini bottom ($55 USD)!

If you’re bound for a vacation soon, try this bikini pose idea to snap a flattering look in pictures. You only get to do it once, so try to be as creative as possible. Strike a pose, snap a photo, and post it in the gram! We’re confident it will get the likes it deserves!


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