The booty - It seems like now, more than ever before, we are trying to find new ways to call attention to our bums and need the proper bikini to do so! While it can feel like you need to have a peach the size of a Kardashian to make a statement, there are actually plenty of swimwear options that will flatter your peach no matter the size! 

It is all about finding a bikini style that will accentuate your curves, which means that different suits will complement different body types. Like all good pieces of clothing, you have to find the ones that suit you the best – just think of the old, you have to kiss a few frogs to find your prince metaphor. 

None of that is required here. We have done the leg work to help you find the perfect bikini style to show off your booty and make it worthy of all of the pictures you are going to want to take. Keep reading to find the bikini that best suits you! 

A Few Bikini Style Tips To Keep In Mind…
Bikini Booty Swimwear

There are a few universal tricks that can help almost anybooty – not matter the shape. These tips can be used as a reference if you are still a bit confused about where to start. The first is the high waist, cheeky butt combo. A bikini with a high waistline coupled with a high hemline that shows off a bit of your booty gives the overall appearance of a higher and tighter tush. This combination draws the eye up and calls attention to the perkier part of your booty, resulting in a universally flattering fit. 

Another effective way to call attention to your booty while giving it a little extra oomph is to wear white. Just like black is a slimming color, a strategic bikini style in white can flatter your booty in all of the right ways. White bikinis also look amazing with a glowing tan – you will look like a goddess of summer! Nothing looks more flattering and fresher than crisp white swimwear. 

The most important tip is that you go for a suit that has the right amount of coverage. Of course, this is determined by what you are comfortable with. Luckily, we’ve taken that into consideration as we picked our five best booty-boosting bikinis to share! We know that everyone’s comfort level when bearing their backside is different, so we wanted to be sure to give you plenty of options. Keep scrolling to take a look at our best cheeky bikini styles. 

Elsa Bikini
5 Bikinis That Make Your Booty Look Amazing Elsa

Our Elsa bikini offers the most coverage while accentuating your bum. If you are looking to show off a perky peach without showing too much skin, then this is a fantastic style choice for you. This supportive suit is high-waisted, so you will feel completely comfortable and secure while wearing it. As a bikini with a bit more coverage, you will also be able to engage in all of your favorite water activities without having to worry about any slips. The Else Bikini comes in six gorgeous colors including, Nero, Bianco, Ethnico, Body, Isola, and Ampola.

Most Wanted Bikini
5 Bikinis That Make Your Booty Look Amazing Most Wanted

Do you love a string bikini that shows off a lot of cheek? The Most Wanted bikini is a classic string cut with a high-cut hem. This attention-grabbing bikini style was designed to let you control your tan lines. Pull the strings up high to expose lots of leg and booty! You will turn heads wherever you go while keeping unflattering tan lines at bay. This suit is great for those who like to have a little bit of control over how much coverage their bikini gives.

Nellie Bikini 
5 Bikinis That Make Your Booty Look Amazing Nellie

If you are looking to show off a bit more cheek, you may find a perfect match in our Nellie bikini bottoms. These thong bottoms are ribbed and seamless to create an exquisite silhouette. This bikini style sits a bit higher on the waist and the booty. With just the right amount of coverage, your booty will look bigger and higher in these bottoms! This effortlessly sporty style is not only on-trend but also classic enough to wear season after season. 

Confident Goddess Bikini
5 Bikinis That Make Your Booty Look Amazing Confident Goddess

As we continue down our list, we are now getting into the swimwear that shows off a bit more than it covers. For those who prefer supportive straps, as opposed to ties, and plenty of exposed peach, our Confident Goddess Bikini bottoms are just what you are looking for. This Brazilian-inspired design will catch the attention of everyone on the beach. For a super sexy look, try wearing the straps high above the hips to accentuate both your booty and your long legs! 

Lulan Bikini
5 Bikinis That Make Your Booty Look Amazing Lulan

The Lulan bikini is best suited for our most daring bikini beach babes! This suit leaves very little to the imagination – which is perfect for the lady who loves to show off her assets. This bikini comes with string bottoms that offer adjustable coverage – a must-have staple for any swimwear collection. The adjustable front and back panels make this bikini perfect for those who like to control how much skin they show and where their tan lines will end up. On the days that you are feeling super bold, you can adjust the bottoms to show off as much, or as little, skin as you’d like. 

The Bottom Line
Bikini Booty Swimwear

As bikini season approaches and you contemplate which swimwear you plan on adding to your collection this season, there is no denying that every collection should have space for a bikini that shows a bit of cheek. This sexy and cute fashion statement is fun, flirty, and sure to turn heads on the beach. The most important thing to determine is how much coverage you would like and which kind of cut is best suited to flatter your body! Anyone of our mentioned bikinis above is sure to make even the shyest beach babe show off her booty with pride and confidence!