It's not always easy to look your best, especially in a bikini. Unless you're Kendall Jenner or Bella Hadid it's completely normal to feel intimidated at first, but practise makes perfect! We're here to give you some tips so you can feel comfortable in a swimsuit for the gram!

1. Confidence - choose the right bikini

Choosing the right bikini can be tricky sometimes but if you choose one that flatters your curves you’ll feel good, and if you feel good you'll look good. Carrying it with confidence will show when you wear it and make you look even better! Rock that swimsuit girl!

5 steps to looking good in a bikini

Do you think the above bikini would suit you? Grab the Pretty Thing bikini top ($65 USD) and the Aisha bottoms ($60 USD) to get the look.

2. Posing - enhancing your curves

It might not feel natural at first, but have a look in the mirror and practice. This way you'll learn what looks good and what doesn't when the camera is placed straight in front of you. Pop out that hip, put the bikini a little higher than usual. It might not even feel natural but it could look amazing, so play around with different poses - after all, practice makes perfect!

5 steps to looking good in a bikini

This stunning piece is the Lulan bikini which is a perfect for enhancing your waist!

3. Lighting - make your bikini-pics pop!

If you choose to shoot on a sunny day or a cloudy one, make sure that the light-source is facing you. This is also something to play around with, does sunlight flatter your bikini-bod the best or is shadows something you prefer? Shadows can be a bit more forgiving but who doesn’t love a good sunny bikini-pic!

5 steps to looking good in bikini photos

Grab the Most Wanted bikini before it's gone!

4. Angles - your bikini-body’s best friend

Sometimes it can be difficult to get a god shot from straight ahead or from the side/a profile image, so try to position yourself at a 45° angle to show off your best angle! It will without a doubt enhance your curves! You can also play around with high/low angles - depending on what part of the body you want to appear bigger. If you choose a low angle it will make the lower part of your body appear bigger while making the upper body look smaller and vice versa for a high angle.

5 steps to looking good in bikini-photos

The bikini worn in the photo is the Nellie bikini which gives a beautiful cheeky look behind, while being flattering on the front.

5. Have fun! Play around with different bikinis

The most important part is of course to have fun! Even though we all want to capture the "perfect" bikini shot it's easy to become critical of yourself, so cut yourself some slack and don’t be too serious! Sometimes a candid shot is the best shot!

5 steps to looking good in bikini-photos

This top is the Confident Goddess top which is almost sold out! So if it's sold out in your size, have a look at the Most Wanted top which is quite similar.

When you've got the shot a filter can do the trick to perfect the photo!

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