Whether summer is right around the corner, or you are ready to hit up your favorite hot vacation spot with the girls, the perfect bikini is a must-have! Nothing beats a classically designed top and a pair of cheeky bottoms. Our Lulan Bikini is the perfect pairing of sexy and classic. It is sure to leave you looking sexy and confident as you spend time at the beach, drink cocktails by the pool, and pose for all of those vacation pics to give your followers some serious FOMO! 

The Lulan Bikini Top
The Lulan Bikini Swimwear Top

Let’s start with the top! The Lulan Bikini top is minimalist and simplistic while still giving you that sexy and classy style. This lightweight top is designed with slidable triangle cups that let you choose your amount of coverage. This is perfect for the ladies who may want to cover up a bit more up top or for those who like to have a bit more control over their coverage while they are trying to get the perfect tan. 
The Lulan Bikini Swimwear Top
The tie-back straps are adjustable, adding to the customizable fit of the top. Created with Luxe Italian Fabrics, all of our suits, include the Lulan, are ethically produced and made with sustainable fabrics. Not only are our fabrics guilt-free, but they are also top quality. This suit has a matte finish and seamless design that is fully lined to offer just the right amount of coverage – so you don’t have to worry about any unwanted slips or see-through moments. 

The Lulan Bikini BottomsThe Lulan Bikini Swimwear Bottoms

If you liked the top, then you are going to love the Lulan Bikini bottoms. These tie-ups are a sweet addition to your swimwear wardrobe as they pair perfectly with the Lulan top and can be paired with plenty of your other Nobadaddiction swimwear tops. The best part about these bottoms? The adjustable coverage! These cheeky bottoms are not for the faint of heart and are perfect for getting that all-over glow. You can use the adjustable side ties to give yourself a little more coverage or to show off more cheek – it’s all up to you, girl! 
The Lulan Bikini Swimwear Bottoms
No need to worry about any unwanted see-through situations. These bottoms are fully lined and seamless to give you the perfect silhouette without any slippage. Our Italian Luxe Fabrics provide the perfect amount of coverage in all of the right places. 

Let's Talk Bikini ColorsThe Lulan Bikini Swimwear Colors

Our Lulan Bikini comes in two rich and gorgeous colors. For the classic LBB (little black bikini) lover, we offer the Lulan in Nero, a deep classic black. If you are a girl who likes to add a pop of color to their beach and pool days, our goddesses can choose to order their Lulan bikini in Ampola, a peachy, blush color that is great for highlighting a deep and glowing tan. We suggest picking up a set in each color- one for the beach and one for the pool, or you can feel free to mix and match!