Who doesn’t love bikini season? At Nobadaddiction, we live for making our goddesses look sexy and confident in their bodies while wearing our bikinis. Our Elsa bikini is the perfect classic cut and style. With simple details and a beautiful silhouette, you will be spending your summers and vacations feeling like Marilyn Monroe or Bridgette Bardot. Did we mention that it comes in seven unique colors? More on that in a bit, first let’s dive into the Elsa bikini top. 

The Elsa Bikini Top
The Elsa Bikini Top Swimwear

Our Elsa Bikini top flaunts a unique yet classic shape. This crop-top style fit has a v-cut front and thick lower elastic band to provide the ultimate support with just enough exposure. Even though this top is super sexy, its buckle-less design coupled with its sporty fit lets you indulge in all of your favorite water sports without any worry of an accidental slip. You can never go wrong when you choose the Elsa bikini. 
The Elsa Bikini Top
The V-wire crop fit, along with the extra support, is great for added support for our bustier ladies, and it provides just the right amount of lift. Our ethically produced Luxe Italian Fabric is fully lined to offer the perfect amount of coverage. This seamless silhouette looks great and prevents rolling, tugging, and slippage. This updated version of our Elsa Bikini has a matte finish that is sure to turn heads at the beach. 

The Elsa Bikini Bottoms
The Elsa Bikini Bottoms Swimswear

We know that cheeky bikini bottoms are all the rage right now, but why not switch it up with a high-cut figure-flattering set of bottoms. These high-cut bottoms give the illusion of longer legs and a higher tush- can’t beat that! This medium cheek cut provides a bit more coverage than other suits because we like to take care of all of our ladies. 
The Elsa Bikini Bottoms
Just like the Elsa bikini top, our Elsa bikini bottoms are crafted with the highest quality Italian fabrics that are both sustainable and produced ethically. This fully lined and seamless cut provides security as you enjoy your long days tanning by the beach or poolside with a refreshing drink. 

All Of Those Colors!The Elsa Bikini Nero Bianco

Our favorite feature of the Elsa bikini is all of the colors that you get to choose from. With seven different colors, we have no doubt that you will be able to pick the perfect one, or three, or five for you! No judgment here. We love a goddess that likes to stock up on her favorite swimwear. For our classic ladies, we got you covered with Nero, a rich and intense black hue – which now also comes in a matte option. 
The Elsa Bikini Body Ampola
If you are the type of lady who likes to keep her beachwear chic and on-trend, then we recommend choosing the Elsa bikini in Bianco, a refreshing and show-stopping white, or Body which is our light nude color. 

The Elsa Bikini Isola Ethnico
If you like stealing the show with a healthy pop of color, we have three great options for you! Ethnico is a bright and happy orange tone, Isola is a deep and tropical blue, and Ampola is a flattering blush hue with peachy undertones. Choose your favorite or collect them all, either way, you can’t go wrong!