When it comes time to find a new bikini, what are the things that you look for? Most ladies want a suit that flatters their body while adding to their confidence, provides the right amount of support and coverage, and is made with high-quality fabrics. It shouldn’t be hard to find, right? Unfortunately, many fast-fashion sites and quick retailers will sell you something that is on-trend but falls short when it comes to your expectations. 

No need to worry, girl – we’ve got you covered! The Nellie bikini answers yes to all of your swimwear requirements so that you can check off every box on this list right now. Our elegant, simple, and modern bikini shows off just the right amount of skin while complementing and enhancing all of your natural curves – and the colors! Keep reading to learn more about our lovely little Nellie bikini. 

The Nellie Bikini Top
Bikini Swimwear Swimsuit

The Nellie bikini top gives you support, coverage and shows off the perfect amount of skin for the beach or the pool. Supported by a band that runs under the bust, you get a fantastic push-up effect while also providing an incredible amount of support for your bust. This seamless bandeau style top is all smooth edges without any buckles, resulting in a simple and elegant silhouette. Did we mention the plunging V detail – daring, sexy, and a perfect complement to the rest of the suit.

 The Nellie Bikini Top
Made with Luxe Italian Fabric, the fully lined and seamless top is completed with a subtly ribbed detail that only adds to its coverage and support. All of our suits are ethically produced so that you can enjoy all of the sexy confidence that you are bringing to the beach or the pool without any guilt. 

The Nellie Bikini BottomsThe Nellie Bikini Bottoms Swimwear

The Nellie bikini bottoms are the perfect enhancement to the top. Our Nellie bottoms were specifically designed to give your figure a nude-inspired silhouette – perfect for complimenting and showing off all of those curves. The classic high-cut style lengthens and accentuates your legs as the cheeky bottoms visually lift and show off your booty. This style of cheeky coverage provides a modern yet classic look for our goddesses. 

The Nellie Bikini Bottoms Swimwear
Just like the Nellie bikini top, our bottoms are created with sustainable and ethically made fabrics made with the highest quality Italian Fabrics. The Nellie bikini bottoms are ribbed, fully lined, and seamless. This gives you all of the sexy exposure without any unwanted rolling or slippage. 

The Nellie Color OptionsThe Nellie Bikini Swimwear Swimsuit

Pick one, mix and match, or collect them all. One thing is for sure, it will be hard to decide with six stunning colors to choose from. For the daring ladies who live for a fun pop of color, we have three hues that will match you perfectly. Ethnico is a rich, bright orange that just screams tropical vacation. Isola is a deep, Mediterranean blue that pairs perfectly with an all-over glow, and Ampola is a peachy pink that flatters all skin colors and undertones.

The Nellie Bikini
If you are looking for a more classic tone, you can’t go wrong with our deep and rich black option Nero, our bright and airy white hue Bianco, and our classic yet trendy nude color body.