Every time summer comes near, this season always calls for one thing: swimwear shopping! But along this also comes indecisive moments where we can’t choose the perfect swimwear to buy. If you can’t decide what swimwear to pick for your next trip, don’t swipe your credit card just yet! Plan ahead and save yourself from wasting your money and your time. Check these five swimwear styles to consider bringing on your next summer getaway:

1. High-Waist Bikinis

Swimwear Styles To Try On Your Next TripBeen binge-eating? Don’t fret because you’re not too late for the summer. This swimwear style is ideal for the ladies who want to hide their tummies! Yes, you can hide your tummy but still feel sexy! High-waisted bikinis are specially made for extra coverage and a comfortable fit for the wearer.black high waist bikiniSince you are covering your tummy, be sure to get a bikini bottom with a cheeky cut to at least show off your beautiful behind.

If you want a comfortable fit in a swimwear, this Wild Child Bikni Crop Top ($45 USD) and this Wild Child High Waist Bikini Bottom ($45 USD) are the right items to get.

2. Triangle Bikinis

black triangle bikiniIf you want to be sexier and don’t mind flashing much of your skin, these teeny-tiny bikinis are what you should get. Triangle bikinis are great swimwear to bring if you’re planning to get a tan from sunbathing. 

triangle bikini for tanningDue to the small skin parts it covers, it will surely give you a flattering tan. You don’t want to get horrifying tan lines that will last for months. So this swimwear style is a great choice to avoid that!

Say no to awkward tan lines by getting this Confident Goddess Triangle Bikini Top ($55 USD) and its Thong Bikini Bottom ($55 USD) or this Adore You Triangle Bikini Top ($45 USD) and its cheeky mid-rise Thong Bikini Bottom ($45 USD).

3. Leopard-Print Bikinis

Unleash the animal inside you and go for a leopard-print bikini! This bikini style was very popular in 2019 and is still dominating this year.leopard print bikini styleThese printed bikinis are a thing to almost anyone as these prints mark a powerful and seductive look. When worn, it will give you this wild vibe that will surely make the boys drool over you!leopard print two piece bikini

Let others know that you can’t be tamed by getting this Señorita leopard-print beandeau top ($55 USD) and its Thong Bikini Bottom ($55USD) or this Wild Cat leopard-print bikini top ($45 USD) and its Thong Bikini Bottom ($45USD).

4. Cheeky Bikinis

Want to get your cheeks as tanned as your tummy? This is the ultimate bikini to get if you want to maximize the area you want to tan in your backside.cheeky cut bikini styleWith minimum coverage and full exposure, a cheeky bikini is a perfect item to bring when you plan on soaking under the sun.pink v wire bikini topPair this up with a low-cut bikini top and we’re certain you’ll get the best tan from Mr. Sun!

If you're looking for a cheeky bikini that's ideal for tanning, try this Confident Goddess Thong Bikini Bottom ($55 USD) and pair it with its Triangle Bikini Top ($55 USD). You can also go for this Tusa High Cut Bikini Bottom ($55 USD) and its V-Wire Bikini Top ($55 USD).

5. One-piece Swimsuit

Wearing a bikini isn’t very empowering for everyone. If you’re one of the body-conscious ladies, a one-piece swimsuit is another swimwear style to consider when buying swimwear.luxe one piece blackA one-piece swimsuit offers extra coverage to the body as well as extra support on the bust. It is suitable for anyone with either a small or large bust.square neck luxe one piece swimsuitChoose this bikini style if you want to feel a comfortable fit all day long without worrying about unwanted flashes of your body parts.

Feel the comfort of extra coverage by getting this luxe one-piece swimsuit available in Immortal Red ($65 USD), Immortal Mustard ($65 USD), and Immortal Black ($65 USD).

We know that shopping for swimwear is a pain in the arse. But now that we’ve rounded up the swimwear styles to consider choosing, we’re certain that shopping for yourself will be a breeze the next time you’re on it. Get ready yourself (and your credit card) and shop until you drop!