Hot Girl Bikini Summer is just around the corner, and your faithful friends at Nobadaddiction are here to help you get into the right state of mind and find the perfect bikini, of course! If you are unfamiliar with the term, no worries, girl – we got you! Hot Girl Summer was given to us by no one other than Megan Thee Stallion, and we could not be more in love with the idea if we tried! Hot Girl Summer is all about feeling confident, looking good, and living your best life all summer long. Of course, you can’t do that without a bikini, and we are here to help you out with that! 

Summer Is On Its Way
Hot Girl Bikini Summer

The weather is getting warmer, the sun is shining longer, and the beach is calling! That means that it is time for Hot Girl Bikini Summer. Summer is coming no matter what, so the only thing that you need to do to kick start Hot Girl Bikini Summer is to get the perfect swimwear to welcome the season. 

Bikini Swimwear
Having the right summer bikini is the key to looking and feeling great all summer long. Bikinis are a bit like people in the sense that they are all different and have their own personalities. Some come in classic, neutral colors, while others shine in bright and bold colors. Some bikinis provide support and coverage, while others are flirty and cheeky. The most important thing to do before the start of Hot Girl Bikini Summer is to find the bikini that is your partner in crime. She’ll make you feel great, sexy, confident, and ready to 
kill it this summer. 

The Most Important Part of Hot Girl Bikini Summer? Confidence! 
Bikini Summer Girl Swimwear

You’ve likely heard the saying that every body is a bikini body – we have, and it is one of our favorites! Stretch marks, cellulite, imperfections. We love them, and you should too. They are what make you, well you. Having a Hot Girl Bikini Summer is not about looking like the perfect version of a woman in a magazine or on social media. It is about loving each and every part of you. 

Bikini Swimwear Swimsuit
Choosing the right swimsuit can really help you find your confidence! While some ladies like to cover up a bit, others love showing off all of their curves. There is no right or wrong way to approach finding the bikini that makes you feel damn sexy. It is all about finding the right suit to make you feel like an absolute beach goddess. Speaking of goddesses, our Confident Goddess bikini set is perfect for the lady who likes to keep her style and her coverage minimal. 

Bikinis = Empowerment 
Bikini Summer Swimwear

Bikinis are an incredible form of female empowerment! They give us the opportunity to take control of our bodies and our confidence in the ways that we choose – no airbrushing required. Nothing is more sexy or bold than a woman who is proud to show off all of her perceived flaws. We say perceived because the “flaws” are nothing more than unique characteristics that make us special and different in our own way.

Hot Girl Bikini Summer
Hot Girl Bikini Summer gives us all the opportunity to stand proudly and confidently while enjoying every single ounce of sunshine this summer. Whether you are lying by the beach, hanging by the pool, or living your best life at a party, a bikini is the perfect summer outfit and accessory. There is absolutely no reason to be shy or ashamed of your bikini body. Don’t be afraid to show that you are in control of your body and how you choose to present it to the world because no one else gets to decide that for you. 

Tips For Finding The Perfect Bikini
Bikini Summer Swimsuit

Finding the perfect bikini is about knowing your body and how you like to show it off. If you are stuck on choosing the right fit for your bikini body, check out a few of our tips below to help you get started!  

#1 Look for adjustable straps Bikini Summer Swimsuit

Bust size, the shape of your shoulders, and your desired coverage can all impact the level of support you seek from your bikini. Choosing a design that has adjustable straps gives you the opportunity to customize your fit. When you spend your time on the beach fidgeting with straps, it makes you look less confident. Ensure that you are comfortable and sexy all day long by picking a style that lets you adjust your support and fit. Our Lulan bikini not only has adjustable straps but also a tie back and tie sides for the ultimate amount of control over your coverage. 

#2 Consider High Rise Bottoms 
Bikini Summer Swimwear

If you feel more comfortable with a little more coverage, then high-waisted bottoms are the way to go! They provide extra coverage and support to your lower tummy area – which we know is sometimes a sensitive area that not everyone likes to show off. Of course, you should never feel like you have to cover any area of your body, but if it makes you more comfortable and confident, then we are here for it! Our Elsa bikini is a classic cut with a V-neck detail top and high-waisted bottoms. Don’t worry, and the extra coverage does not sacrifice any sexiness. This suit just screams pin-up. 

 #3 Get The Right Size 
Summer Bikini Swimwear Summer

Choosing a suit that is too tight or too small can create unflattering lines and make you feel uncomfortable. Choose a suit that is too large, and it will be falling off all day long, but one that is too tight is going to dig into your skin and make you feel self-conscious. Finding a suit that is the right size flatters your figure and keeps you comfortable. Seamless bathing suits, like most of ours, resist rolling, tugging, and digging while creating a smooth silhouette. Don’t forget to consider the fabric when choosing a suit. 

Hot Girl Bikini Summer Swimwear

Hot Girl Bikini Summer 2021 gets closer every single day. This has been a long year, and it is time to find the swimwear that makes you feel sexy, confident, and empowered! When you find the right suit, Hot Girl Bikini Summer is going to be the best summer yet!