In a world filled with fast fashion, finding a high-quality bikini can feel like the ultimate challenge. But, believe it or not, it is essential to invest in high-quality swimwear. Think about all of the elements that your bikini comes into contact with – water, heat, sand, the sun. Your little bikini goes through quite a lot to keep you protected! 

Nobody likes buying a new suit only to have it frayed and falling apart after the first wash. Don’t let that happen this summer! Here is what you need to know about finding a well-made bikini. 

Swimwear Material 
Bikini Swimwear

When you pick up and touch a bikini, you can almost instantly tell whether it is made with low or high-quality materials. Low-quality swimwear is usually with very thin fabrics that lack a supportive inner lining. Thicker fabrics that are fully lined preserve the shape of your suit and fit much more comfortably. 

At Nobadaddiction, our swimwear is created with sustainable Luxe Italian fabrics. In addition to providing protection, support, and a great fit, many of our suits are designed to be seamless. This design, coupled with our top-quality fabrics, ensures that your bikini doesn’t dig, roll, or lose its shape as you wear it! 

It’s All in the Stitch 
High Quality Bikini Swimsuit

Stitching plays a critical role in the durability and lifespan of your bikini. Low-quality is often easy to spot, especially if it has poor stitching. Swimwear constructed with double stitching ensures that your suit is much less likely to unravel or form holes. At Nobadaddiction, our seamless suits are expertly stitched so that you can enjoy all of your summer fun without worrying about your bikini getting damaged. 

Swimsuit Swimwear Bikini

Even the simplest of bikinis look great with an added little touch of something! But you should be very cautious of low-priced suits that contain many different details and embellishments. These companies often try to disguise poorly made suits with ruffles, bows, beading, and other forms of detailing to distract you from other poor-quality elements on the suit. Any detailing found on your bikini should only be there to enhance, not conceal its beauty – check out our Elsa bikini top for the perfect example of how it is done! 

The Name Behind The Suit Bikini Swimsuit

There are some style choices that you can make without giving a second thought to who made what. Unfortunately, this is not the case for bikinis and other types of swimwear. When it comes to choosing new swimwear, it is best to stay away from fast-fashion companies. They don’t focus on creating pieces that last. They focus on selling trends. Instead, swimsuit designers, like us at Nobadaddiction, focus on creating quality pieces that are good for you, good for the earth, and make you look damn good! If you can identify a company that is known for creating great swimwear, it is usually for a good reason. 

The Bottom Line
Bikini Quality Swimwear

We are all guilty of giving into a cheap and easy find – especially when it comes to clothing. But swimwear goes through much more than your average t-shirt. It’s with you on the sand, while you swim, and even there for you while you bask in the sun. Don’t waste your time on the ones that won’t last more than one beach day.