Chlorine, sunscreen, sun exposure, sand – all of these elements are responsible for breaking down the fabric in your bikinis and other swimwear. Even the highest quality swimwear needs the proper care and attention to make it past a single summer or vacation season. Without the proper care, your suit will become stained, faded, and even lose its shape. Don’t worry, we don’t want to see you lose yet another bikini to neglect, so we have created a list of all of the ways you can take care of your beloved swimwear this summer! 

Why You Need To Care For Your Swimwear

how to Take Care Of Your Swimwear

At Nobadaddiction, we champion for our ladies as much as we champion for our bikinis – and both require a healthy dose of T.L.C (tender lover and care)! For example, our bikinis require a cold hand wash with mild soapy water, then they need to be dried in the shade and kept away from rough surfaces. Think of it as a spa visit for your bikini! Keep reading to learn more about how to preserve your swimwear through the proper care techniques. 

1. Rinse Off Your Bikini

how to take care of your bikini

As soon as you take it off, be sure to rinse it off! Think about all of the chemicals, lotions, and elements that your bikini meets throughout its day. At the end of a beach or pool day, be sure to rinse it in warm water to remove all of those harsh things that it comes into contact with. 

2. Use Mild Soap

Swimwear Bikini Care

Keep your bikini looking great by using a very mild soap or detergent. Harsh detergents can damage your bikini’s fabric, so be sure to use one made for delicate clothing. 

3. Use Your Hands
Swimwear bikini care

Just say no to the washing machine when it comes to your bikini. Swimwear is delicate and can easily get damaged with all of the pulling and tugging that occurs in a washing machine or dryer. It is always best to handwash your suit, but if you must use a machine, ensure that you use a laundry bag to protect your swimwear. 

4. Dry The Swimwear In The ShadeSwimwear bikini care

Drying your suit in the sun may seem like the natural option – after all, it does help it dry faster. However, the sun is actually incredibly damaging to the fabric of your suit and can even cause it to break down and lose shape and integrity over time. Instead, just hang your bikini over a chair or smooth service in the shade. 

5. Be Gentle With Your Bikini
Gentle care for swimwear bikinis

Even when you are handwashing your bikini, it is very important to be as gentle as possible. This means no stretching or wringing to work in soaps or remove excess water. When you pull at your swimwear, your compromise the elastics within the fabric. Once they have broken down, you can’t repair them, resulting in a misshapen suit. 

In Conclusion
Take Care Of Your Swimwear!

Be kind to your swimwear. It does a lot to help you look and feel great while enjoying the sun and the beach. With just a few simple steps, you can make sure that your swimwear lasts longer, looks better, and fits perfectly every single time.