For the 2nd week of September we’ve made it easy for you to stay on track with your training. This week's workout schedule is intense and will push you. Are you ready? Find the workout playlist on YouTube and do the workouts. 


nobadaddiction workout schedule 2nd week september



abs and cardio workout
Get ready to burn calories and get a flat belly with this workout. For the first day of the week we have a super intense cardio workout that focuses on your abs and core muscles! It’s challenging, but it will be sure to leave you feeling amazing!


full body hiit workout
For the second day of the week we have a full body HIIT routine. The focus is on getting your heart rate up so that you will burn lots of calories and maximize the fat burn. Keep up with the intensity and give it all you've got to make sure you get the most out of the routine.


cardio kickboxing workout
Get ready to kick and punch yourself through this cardio kickboxing inspired workout. It will have you sweating buckets, burning some serious calories in a challenging and fun way that will leave you feeling like a champ! 


hourglass workout slim waist round butt
With this 30-minute Slim Waist and Round Butt workout the aim is to lose those love handles and get a nice hourglass shape to your body. Lose love handles and burn fat around your waist & lift your booty.


full body hiit workout
Get ready to burn some serious calories in DAY 6 of the 21 day challenge. This workout will have you burning fat with an intense full body HIIT workout that keeps your heart rate up! Keep up the intensity and don't let the workout get too easy. 


abs workout
Out of the many ways to lose belly fat, this 20-minute workout is one that will get you results. These abs exercises for women are designed in a way so they do not require any equipment and you can do them easily at home.


Rest day. Take it easy. Go out for a cheat meal, do an easy stretch and watch the new season of La Casa De Papel on Netflix to take your mind off things! You deserve it so much!!!

Stay On Track With Your Workouts

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