black brazilian cut triangle bikini

4 Easy No-Equipment Workouts You Can Do At Home

Since the cases of Covid-19 have risen immensely, people start to avoid crowded places amidst the pandemic. Gyms, in particular, get a hard hit as they attract crowds, which increases the chance of transmissions. If you still want to stay active but can't risk yourself heading out to the gym, we suggest you do work(out)-from-home. This approach helps you stay fit with the safety inside your home. To help you start, we have listed four easy no-equipment workouts you can do at home.white brazilian cut triangle bikini


Doing push-ups is beneficial to help you gain upper body strength. This workout tones your abs by engaging your abdominal muscles in the process. Push-ups also help in toning your biceps.white brazilian cut triangle bikini

Do at least ten push-ups from the start. You can then work your way up, depending on the strength you will acquire through time.easy no equipment workouts you can do at home


Want to get your booty even more toned? Then, squats is another exercise you can try anywhere!black high waist cheeky bikiniSquats not only give you the sculpted booty, but it also helps tone your legs and gives strength to your knee joints. Just be prepared for the pain that you will feel in your hamstring for the first few days.easy no-equipment workouts at home


The crunch is one of the most popular abdominal exercises there is. Crunches is also one of the key in getting a flatter string bikini

A classic crunch involves just lifting your shoulders and head up off the floor. So to also engage the lower part of your abs, you need to do variations of sit-ups and crunches. By alternating both, you will be hitting your abs in many angles.easy no-equipment workouts at home


You might not know what a lunge means, but if you have knelt forward to tie your shoe before, then you're familiar with it. A lunge is a single-leg bodyweight exercise that works your hips, glutes, and inner thighs.v wire bikini top

Lunges can target your lower-body muscles. When done frequently, this can make your legs more toned. This exercise also aids in achieving your balance after quite some time.easy no-equipment workouts at home

We know how bummed you are that you can't go to the gym to get your daily workout fix due to the recent unfortunate news. But that doesn't stop you from achieving your summer body! You can try these four easy no-equipment workouts anywhere in your home. When all of this is finally over, you can then show off your bikini bod at the beach!

7 Tips On Getting Your Dream Tan

7 Tips On Getting Your Dream Tan

Summertime is coming near, and we hope you’re beach ready! Sure, packing for you is easy to do, but you still worry about getting the right tan. We are here to help!
Swimwear Must-Haves For The Peachy Ladies

Swimwear Must-Haves For The Peachy Ladies

Have you been hitting it hard at the gym lately? Well, there is no better way to flaunt that toned behind other than by squeezing it into a high-cut cheeky bikini bottom. Nothing excites us more than greeting the summer when it’s finally time to take off our pants and get that splash we have been eagerly waiting for. Now, we've listed the perfect swimwear to show off your hard work and these items are what you need to transform yourself into a literal beach bum.

swimwear must-haves for the peachy ladies

1. Be Adored With Our Adore You Bikini

Take off those boring sweatpants you've been wearing at the gym and try on this adorable bikini! Designed with a cheeky cut, the Adore You bikini bottom will surely flatter the curves of your behind. A mid-rise cheeky thong is what you should wear when you’ve got buns, hun.

white cheeky two piece bikini

The halter neck style top is also styled with adjustable straps and back tie for better support on the bust - surely a must-have!

Are you a peachy lady? Well, grab this Adore You Triangle Bikini Top ($45 USD) and this cheeky Thong Bikini Bottom ($45 USD) to show off your peachy bum.

2. Rock It With The Tusa Bikini

Reward yourself after all the tireless squats with this rocking pair of bikinis! Designed with a high cut and cheeky rear, the bikini bottom of the Tusa bikini will accentuate your backside and hips even more.

high cut thong cheeky bikini

When worn high just above the hips, it will help create an illusion of elongated legs. The top is specially made with a V-wire design - an eye-catching style that also offers a great comfortable fit. No wonder this swimwear is one of our well-loved pieces!black cheeky two piece bikini

Grab this Tusa V-Wire Bikini Top ($55 USD) and this Tusa High Cut Bikini Bottom ($55 USD) before they run out! 

3. Boost Your Confidence With Our Confident Goddess Bikini

It’s about time to strip off those apple bottom jeans and show off those glutes you’ve been toning from your countless workouts. We just have the perfect bikini that will surely bring out the goddess in you.

high cut thong cheeky bikini

The Confident Goddess bikini bottom is specifically tailored in a thong cut to help emphasize the backside of the wearer. Pair this up with the triangle bikini top and we’re sure that this will bring a shower of stares from the crowd at the beach. black brazilian cut two piece cheeky bikini

This Confident Goddess Triangle Bikini Top ($55 USD) and this Thong Bikini Bottom ($55 USD) are our best-sellers so grab them while stocks last!

4. Get Wild With Our Wild Child Bikini

Wipe off your workout sweats and don yourself in our Wild Child bikini to have the boys at the beach sweating instead!

high waist cheeky bikini bottom

You must pay off your hard work for those peachy bottom cheeks by choosing a bikini bottom that will highlight the shape of your behind even more. With a cut that offers both cheeky coverage and a great fit, the Wild Child bikini bottom will surely do that job.

white high waist cheeky bikini

The top is tailored with back clasps for a flattering bust coverage and comfortable fit for hours. The fabric is also double-lined to avoid awkward flashes when worn dry or wet.

Shop this Wild Child Bikini Crop Top ($45 USD) and this Wild Child High Waist Bikini Bottom ($45 USD) and bring them on your next vacay to show off your plump butt!

When you’ve finally achieved your desired tone for your bottom cheeks, going pantless is the perfect way to show them off! This list of swimwear we've shared will help you choose the perfect bikini to wear the next time you’re off to the beach. Get ready to feel sexy and don’t forget to snap a photo of your sandy cheeks!

high waist bikini style

Top 5 Swimwear Styles To Try On Your Next Summer Getaway

Every time summer comes near, this season always calls for one thing: swimwear shopping! But along this also comes indecisive moments where we can’t choose the perfect swimwear to buy. If you can’t decide what swimwear to pick for your next trip, don’t swipe your credit card just yet! Plan ahead and save yourself from wasting your money and your time. Check these five swimwear styles to consider bringing on your next summer getaway:

1. High-Waist Bikinis

Swimwear Styles To Try On Your Next TripBeen binge-eating? Don’t fret because you’re not too late for the summer. This swimwear style is ideal for the ladies who want to hide their tummies! Yes, you can hide your tummy but still feel sexy! High-waisted bikinis are specially made for extra coverage and a comfortable fit for the high waist bikiniSince you are covering your tummy, be sure to get a bikini bottom with a cheeky cut to at least show off your beautiful behind.

If you want a comfortable fit in a swimwear, this Wild Child Bikni Crop Top ($45 USD) and this Wild Child High Waist Bikini Bottom ($45 USD) are the right items to get.

2. Triangle Bikinis

black triangle bikiniIf you want to be sexier and don’t mind flashing much of your skin, these teeny-tiny bikinis are what you should get. Triangle bikinis are great swimwear to bring if you’re planning to get a tan from sunbathing. 

triangle bikini for tanningDue to the small skin parts it covers, it will surely give you a flattering tan. You don’t want to get horrifying tan lines that will last for months. So this swimwear style is a great choice to avoid that!

Say no to awkward tan lines by getting this Confident Goddess Triangle Bikini Top ($55 USD) and its Thong Bikini Bottom ($55 USD) or this Adore You Triangle Bikini Top ($45 USD) and its cheeky mid-rise Thong Bikini Bottom ($45 USD).

3. Leopard-Print Bikinis

Unleash the animal inside you and go for a leopard-print bikini! This bikini style was very popular in 2019 and is still dominating this year.leopard print bikini styleThese printed bikinis are a thing to almost anyone as these prints mark a powerful and seductive look. When worn, it will give you this wild vibe that will surely make the boys drool over you!leopard print two piece bikini

Let others know that you can’t be tamed by getting this Señorita leopard-print beandeau top ($55 USD) and its Thong Bikini Bottom ($55USD) or this Wild Cat leopard-print bikini top ($45 USD) and its Thong Bikini Bottom ($45USD).

4. Cheeky Bikinis

Want to get your cheeks as tanned as your tummy? This is the ultimate bikini to get if you want to maximize the area you want to tan in your backside.cheeky cut bikini styleWith minimum coverage and full exposure, a cheeky bikini is a perfect item to bring when you plan on soaking under the v wire bikini topPair this up with a low-cut bikini top and we’re certain you’ll get the best tan from Mr. Sun!

If you're looking for a cheeky bikini that's ideal for tanning, try this Confident Goddess Thong Bikini Bottom ($55 USD) and pair it with its Triangle Bikini Top ($55 USD). You can also go for this Tusa High Cut Bikini Bottom ($55 USD) and its V-Wire Bikini Top ($55 USD).

5. One-piece Swimsuit

Wearing a bikini isn’t very empowering for everyone. If you’re one of the body-conscious ladies, a one-piece swimsuit is another swimwear style to consider when buying one piece blackA one-piece swimsuit offers extra coverage to the body as well as extra support on the bust. It is suitable for anyone with either a small or large bust.square neck luxe one piece swimsuitChoose this bikini style if you want to feel a comfortable fit all day long without worrying about unwanted flashes of your body parts.

Feel the comfort of extra coverage by getting this luxe one-piece swimsuit available in Immortal Red ($65 USD), Immortal Mustard ($65 USD), and Immortal Black ($65 USD).

We know that shopping for swimwear is a pain in the arse. But now that we’ve rounded up the swimwear styles to consider choosing, we’re certain that shopping for yourself will be a breeze the next time you’re on it. Get ready yourself (and your credit card) and shop until you drop!

black cheeky one piece swimsuit

5 Reasons Why You Should Buy One-Piece Swimsuits

If there’s one swimwear style that all girls of all sizes can wear, it’s a one-piece swimsuit. This style has been around back in the days and is still very popular decades after. Even if bikinis have dominated the swimwear trend, girls still go for the classic high-cut one piece. Want to know why? Here are the 5 reasons why you should buy a one-piece swimsuit:black one piece swimsuit

1. It is suitable for all body types

Still indecisive on what bikini to pick that truly matches your size? Take that stress off your back and opt for a one-piece swimsuit one piece swimsuit blackA one-piece swimsuit is ideal for showing off your curves as it perfectly wraps around our body like a glove. It gives that flattering fit to anyone who’s wearing cheeky one piece swimsuitThis swimsuit is great in doing almost everything from giving extra support on the bust to giving tummy control where we need it to be.

Leave your worries behind and grab this luxe one-piece in Immortal Red ($65 USD).

2. It hides your belly flab

Never miss feasting on boodle fights or buffet when you’re out on a vacation! You won’t have to worry about taking in too much when you wear this type of swimsuit.high cut one piece swimsuitOne-piece swimsuits are known for great coverage. It surely will hide your tummy from anyone’s view so there’s no stopping you now from munching on every meal. No more peeking belly flab, just extra sexy with a happy tummy!cheeky black one piece swimsuit

Are you a food lover? Get this luxe one-piece in Immortal Black ($65 USD) to let your tummy stay hidden all day long!

3. It lengthens your silhouette

Post a killer look on Instagram by making a taller impression of your body in your pictures. The secret to this illusion is a high-cut swimsuit that will help emphasize your legs and upper body as well.

mustard one piece swimsuit

If your body type is small and petite, this swimsuit will undoubtedly help you lengthen your legs and widen your hips - creating a more pronounced shape of your body. mustard cheeky one piece swimsuit

Look taller in pictures by bringing this luxe one-piece in Immortal Mustard ($65 USD) on your next trip!

4. It suits both small and large busts

One thing we’re worried about when choosing bikinis is the bikini top. We either worry if the top is too big or too small for our busts.

black one piece swimsuit

One-piece swimsuits will save you from stressing too much as these type of swimsuits are a great piece for accentuating the busts - may it be small or large.

black one piece swimsuit for big bust

Small-busted ladies will have a flattering upper-body look when wearing this. Those with big busts, on the other hand, will have comfortable support throughout the day.

Busty or not too busty? Grab this luxe one-piece in Immortal Black ($65 USD) as this swimsuit is for all bust sizes!

5. It can be worn as a bodysuit

Want to wear your swimwear beyond the beach? We’re not talking about bikinis, we meant swimsuits! It’s finally time to consider choosing this type of swimwear as you can wear this all year round.

high cut one piece swimsuitPair this up with your boyfriend jeans or high-waisted shorts and you will surely rock a fashion look with this one! Never wear your swimwear once on the beach but rather don it on other occasions you’ll attend, too.

elegant black one piece swimsuit

Grab this bodysuit, oh, we mean this luxe one-piece in Immortal Black ($65 USD) and we're sure you can wear it with any style you want!

Gone are the days where we would all agree that bikinis are the top-tier style of swimwear. One-piece swimsuits have emerged universally through time and have since been considered as a favorite go-to style when everyone’s tired of wearing two separate fabrics on the beach. It may be boring to other people, but considering the benefits it has, you’ll never yawn on this classic piece!

best tanning bikinis to bring

Best Tanning Bikinis To Bring On Your Next Summer Trip

With all the outdoor activities we plan to do every summer, the sun will surely catch up with us. We’re not talking about the painful sunburns from too much exposure, of course. We mean the loveliest souvenir anyone can get during summer - a glowy tan. Getting the perfect tan requires choosing the right swimwear to put on. We don’t want you to get horrible tan lines from your trip and so we sum up the best tanning bikinis to bring on your next summer trip.

Best tanning bikini

Get Oiled Up With Our She Bad Bikini

Pick the ideal tanning oil, apply it gradually on your skin, and go find that best spot under the sun while donned in our She Bad bikini. This bikini will be your perfect partner in getting a flattering glowy tan.

two piece string bikini for tanning

This minimalist bikini is designed with ties - a classic style that will help in minimizing the tan lines after a long exposure from the sun.

leopard print string bikini for tanning

The thong bikini bottom also offers a cheeky cut and side ties that promises a perfect tan on your bum.

Get That Sun-Kissed Look With The Confident Goddess Bikini

Never hide from the sun ever again and be confident to get that bronzed tan on your next summer getaway.

two piece bikini for tanning

The Confident Goddess minimalist set gives you a bikini top that is designed in a plunging neckline to accentuate the cleavage and to maximize the area where the sun will touch you. The high, cheeky cut of the bikini bottom is also a great piece to flaunt your plump butt cheeks.

tanning bikini with cheeky cut

The Brazilian cuts on this set are essential designs to maximize the part of your backside that you want to bake under the sun.

Get Extremely Hot With Our Señorita Bikini

If you want to achieve a more pronounced tan without worrying about how to cover up tan lines, opt for a strapless bikini top! A strapless bikini top will certainly do its job in making tan lines easier to hide.

strapless tanning bikini with cheeky cut

You’ll agree with us if we say that the Señorita bikini is the perfect item to help you achieve that strapless tan. The bikini top will not only give you easy-to-hide tan lines, but it will also emphasize your collarbones and shoulders.

leopard print bandeau top for tanning

If you want to ace the art of getting a bronzed tan, these bikinis will help you a lot. Not only will these bikinis bring out your best assets, but it will also help you get the glowing tan you can keep for months. Chase the golden hour, strike a pose for a picture, and we're certain that the color of the setting sun will give you the best glow you will ever have.

high waist leopard print bikini

Dare To Wear: Leopard Print Bikinis

If there’s an animal print craze that’s going to carry over for years, it’s the leopard print trend. Everyone witnessed the booming trend of leopard prints on swimwear in the summer of 2019 and that craze is still going on! One of the reasons this print has stayed on as a trend for too long is that it symbolizes power and authority. Now ready your paws as we round up the best swimwear to cop inspired by the big cat of the jungle.

cheeky leopard print thong bikini

1. Get Naughty With The She Bad Bikini

Salty hair, ocean breeze, and sand on your feet – a dreamy summer break you've been planning on. You daydream about it but there's one thing that bugs you every time: awkward tan lines.

leopard print string bikini

Don't fret because we got you covered! You’re mostly going to need a “barely there” bikini and the She Bad bikini is the perfect printed swimwear to get to enjoy soaking up the sun’s heat without worrying too much.

leopard print tanning bikini

The tie-back and cheeky ties on this bikini are specially designed for you to avoid horrible tan lines and rather get that sun-kissed look after a day at the beach.

2. Take On The Waves With Our Vertigo Bikini

Planning a trip to the beach to go surfing? Riding a wave towards the shore while standing or lying on a surfboard is surely fun. But have you thought about the right swimwear to pick? We might have the perfect item for you.

high waist leopard print bikini

The Vertigo Leo-Print bikini is designed in a square-neck style with back clasps on the bikini top for that extra support on the bust. The high waist bottom also offers great cheeky coverage for a comfortable fit even when you’re frolicking in the water.

high waist leopard print bikinis

This is certainly an ideal swimwear for the sporty babes. So get your claws on this square neck, printed swimwear and go against the crashing waves.

3. Discover Your Wild Side With The Wild Cat Bikini

Strike a pose at the edge of the pool while wearing this bikini and get the action going without worrying about awkward flashes.

leopard print two piece

You will feel the utmost comfort while donned in this elegant printed double-lined swimwear.

Also, take advantage of that cheeky cut and wear the bottom on or above the hips. Either way, you’ll still get that extra wild splash wearing this Wild Cat bikini.

cheeky bikini bottom

4. Say ¡Hola! To Our Señorita bikini

Have a Señor come up to you and offer you a drink while staying in a local beach club! 

leopard print bandeau top

While the She Bad bikini gives you minimal tan lines, the Señorita bikini is another swimwear to consider if you want to achieve a more flattering upper-body tan.

leopard print thong bikini

The leopard-print bandeau top is designed with underwire and padded cups to accentuate the busts even more. The thong bikini bottom is also delicately tailored to emphasize the cheeks in the rear - enough to make a guy go loco!

If you get to wear these items, you’ll be surprised to know that leopard prints on bikinis are more striking to pull off than plain colors. If you’re out for an adventure, why not try on these printed bikinis to get that feral vibe everyone rarely sees? The prints mark a dominating look. Once you’re in these bikinis, you’re confidently owning that fierce look!

3 Bikini Travel Essentials When Going To Bali

3 Bikini Travel Essentials When Going To Bali

When someone mentions Bali, we think of scenic beaches, booming nightlife, and luxurious villas. Tourists travel to Bali particularly to experience the culture while others just like to flock on public beaches and enjoy soaking in the sun’s heat while donned in their bikini. The dry season is just around the corner so we listed three bikinis to keep an eye on.

3 Bikini Travel Essentials When Going To Bali

1. Get The Tan With Confident Goddess Bikini

This bikini will surely be a head-turner when worn in public beaches. If you are one of the peachy ones, Confident Goddess is just about the perfect swimwear for you.

Three Bikini Travel Essentials When Going To Bali

It boasts of minimalist Brazilian cut and cheeky coverage – a perfect bikini essential for achieving your tan under the sun.

If you want a lovely bronzed tan, make sure to bring this Triangle Bikini Top ($55 USD) and this Thong Bikini Bottom ($55 USD) on your trip!

2. Be Classy with the Immortal one piece

Indulge yourself in a pool while wearing this swimsuit to get the most of that luxurious feel in your private villa.

This classic one-piece is tailored with delicate straps and under-bust seam that will flatter women with either small or large bust. The high cut in the back will also emphasize a taller impression of your body.

luxe ribbed one piece swimsuit

3 Bikini Travel Essentials When Going To Bali

Bonus: This one-piece can be worn as a bodysuit when you’re not on the beach. Truly a swimwear essential!

Want a swimwear that you can wear on all occasions? This Luxe One-Piece Immortal Mustard ($65 USD) is the perfect bikini essential to have!

3. Flaunt Your Curves in our Wild Child bikini

You plan on enjoying a floating breakfast in the pool but worry that you will feel bloated after a sumptuous meal. Don’t fret. Wild Child is the perfect swimwear for that extra coverage while still wanting them buns out.

high waist bikini

Wild Child offers maximum coverage which gives a comfortable fit all day long. Even with the coverage, the bikini bottom will still highlight the curves of your waist and cheeks.

high waist bikini bottom with black crop top black

A high-waist bottom should be in your essentials if you also plan on engaging in thrilling beach activities in Bali. You don’t want to lose the bottoms!

If you are planning to try all the Balinese cuisine, make sure to include this Wild Child Black Bikini Crop Top ($45 USD) and this High Waist Bikini Bottom ($45 USD) in your packing list!

If you’re bound to travel to Bali soon, wearing a bikini is a must for this vacation spot. Of course, you would want to make the most out of your visit – may it be for your perfect tan, a lavish stay in a five-star hotel, or a cliff jumping experience. These tips on choosing your bikini essentials will help you select the best fits for your unforgettable Bali experience.


The Perfect Bikini Top For A Big Bust

The Perfect Bikini Top For A Big Bust

Having a big bust can be both a blessing and a curse. Those who have it, don’t want it and those who don’t have it, do. It’s an endless paradox. Finding the right bikini top with the right size and the right coverage, and the perfect amount of cheekiness can be a real struggle. 


This photoshoot in a tropical pool villa in Bali was such a dream! Imagine having a stunning place like this for yourself to relax and feel good in. We shot 3 styles of No Bad Addiction swimwear - two bikinis and one sage-colored swimsuit that matched the soft light of this day so well.



woman in pool villa wearing minimalist swimwear

woman in pool villa wearing minimalist swimwear

woman in pool villa wearing minimalist swimwear

woman in pool villa wearing minimalist swimwear

woman in pool villa wearing minimalist swimwear

woman in pool villa wearing minimalist swimwear

woman in pool villa wearing minimalist swimwear

woman in pool villa wearing minimalist swimwear bikini

woman in pool villa wearing minimalist swimwear bikini

woman in tropical pool villa wearing minimalist swimwear bikini

This amazing outdoor shower between all those tropical plants made me forget about everything else in the world. The minimalist design and cut of this bikini doesn't get in the way and stays perfectly in place while I enjoy the fresh water and relax by the empty pool. I wish all my days could be like this!

woman in tropical pool villa wearing minimalist swimwear bikini

woman in tropical pool villa wearing minimalist swimwear bikini

woman in tropical pool villa wearing minimalist swimwear bikini

woman in tropical pool villa wearing minimalist swimwear bikini

woman in tropical pool villa wearing minimalist swimwear bikini



What a perfect morning for a photo shoot! If paradise exists on earth this would be it. Flawless white sand, clear blue water and not a cloud in the sky invite us to relax in the sun and explore this wonderful idyllic place. 


Women on the beach in minimalist bikini swimwear

Women on the beach in minimalist bikini swimwear


Women on the beach in minimalist bikini swimwear

Women on the beach in minimalist bikini swimwear


Freedom is the most beautiful feeling. We had so much fun rolling in the sand, splashing around in the water, feeling confident and careless. The No Bad Addiction bikinis felt like they are part of us, encouraging us to move freely and enjoy ourselves and this little paradise.


Women on the beach in minimalist bikini swimwear


Women on the beach in minimalist bikini swimwear

Women on the beach in minimalist bikini swimwear

Women on the beach in minimalist bikini swimwear


Women on the beach in minimalist bikini swimwear




A sunny shoot with the two Swedish beauties Magdalena Huth and Antonia Lantto on a secret spot in Bali. We found our own little paradise with its crystal clear water and the soft sand under our feet. The perfect day to spend swimming in the ocean and sunbathing. 

two women in triangle bikinis having fun by the beach

women in black and yellow swimwear bikinis


woman on the beach wearing a minimalist bikini

woman on the beach wearing a black minimalist bikini


The confident Goddess bikini really stands up to what its name is promising. The minimalist triangle to and Brazilian cut feel like the perfect mix of sexy and comfortable. We love walking through the sand like this feeling strong and confident with every step - like two glowing goddesses. 

woman on the beach wearing a black triangle bikini

two women in yellow bikinis on the beachblack and white photo of woman in black triangle bikini

two women in minimalist swimwear bikinis by the beachwoman kneeling in the sand wearing a black triangle bikini

women applying sunscreen on the beach in triangle bikinis

woman on the beach with a towel

woman with straw hat in a black triangle bikini walking on the ebach


 Every woman has this natural glow to herself when she feels comfortable and confident in her own body. Sexiness is not so much about how you look but how you feel in your own skin - like the salty ocean breeze and the sofly crushing waves the bikinis were part of our skin that day.

sensual closeup of a woman in a black bikinitwo girls in black bikinis walking on the beach


woman in straw hat and black triangle bikini